Somaliland:President is still the official Partys flag bearer, State Reiterates



The minister of Information Hon. Abdillahi Mohammed Dahir U’kuse has just reiterated that the Head of State is still the official flagbearer of the KULMIYE political party in his defense of the top seat of the Presidency.

Hon. U’kuse made the remarks as a reminder to the fact that H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud had stated before that he would contest in the forthcoming general election.

The minister was speaking at a function that saw Somaliland Diaspora in Dublin, Ireland, hosting the President and his entourage who are currently in Western Europe.

“As far as it is known, the President is still the official Kulmiye flag bearer for the Presidential election”, said the minister.

The words come at a time soon after the announcement of the date the day for holding the KULMIYE central committee delegates assembly, wherein the party’s constitution stipulates the electing (or nominating) of the official contestant for the Presidential post, which has since brought a lot of anxiety within the party hence seen numerous aspirants cajoling for the post.

“The party is a mighty one and the biggest in the country and thereby anything going on within has a great impact nationally”, he said.

Saying that the President was one of the main pillars of the democratization processes taking place within the country, “it was imperative that disrepute should not arise”.

“It is common that when such cajoling in politics arose in our backyards, emotions are evoked”, said the minister, adding that “but we would want to caution that despite the democratic rights of every individual, which the President accepts, it should not be taken for granted that it is a chance for job seeking, or an opportunity to benefit tribal clans”.

The minister was decrying the trend the politicking has set of tribal clan groupings or tribal alliances in the making.


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