Somaliland:Preparations of the 3rd Annual Diaspora Conference completed


SLDA Chairman, Mr. Abdi Abdullahi Hersi today spoke to the National TV stated that the preparations and organizing works of the 3rd Annual Diaspora Conference of Somaliland is already completed and that the conference will officially be held on the set date 2-3 August, 2016 at Maansoor Hotel in Hargeisa. The Chairman said this will an event bringing more professional Diaspora, entrepreneurs, educators, both national and international development partners and different government ministries of Somaliland.

It is expected that the 3rd Conference will produce significant outputs and results that can support the government’s policy towards the successful Diaspora engagement in the investment and national development of Somaliland in general

The Diaspora Agency in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation of Somaliland is working hard to make the annual Diaspora conference more productive and useful event for the nation once each year.

The expected declarations and output of the conference will be available at a week after the conference Insha Allah.



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