Somaliland:PPR&VC Approves List of Kulmiye Officials presented by Adami Committee



By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Political Organizations registration and verification committee has announced that they have accepted and approved the of  list ruling party organizing committee and central committee issued by the ruling party steering committee in charge with the preparation of the 3rd ruling party convention.

In a letter addressed to the Ruling party Supreme committee stated as follows:-

To: Supreme committee

To: Attorney General

To: The President of Somaliland

In accordance with Article No: 14 cap 25 section 4/5 which states as follows:
4-The Party’s Presidential favorite shall be elected in the general convention

b. Shall be elected by the Supreme committee and organizing committee

t. Central committee delegates

J. The candidacy bid shall be proven by the various party committees

5. The list containing the names of the executive committee and central committee delegates shall be submitted to the national electoral committee, Political Organizations registration and verification committee after 30 days of holding the party’s national convention.

In accordance with article 19 of the ruling party constitution (X) section 1; With the exception of the delegates who automatically qualify to be included in the central committee as per section 27 of the party constitution states, all other central committee delegates representing their constituencies shall be required to forward to the secretary of the convention.

In accordance with section 25 of article No14 which states as follows, “Political Organizations registration and verification committee has the powers to issue the regulations, code of conduct and the directives which does not contradict this article

This committees certifies

1.       We confirm to have received the official resolutions of the Third KULMIYE general meeting which was held on the 28th /29th of April 2014

The resolutions are as follows:-

1.      The Supreme Committee list
2.      The executive committee list
3.      The Central committee list
4.      The resolutions were approved and signed by the party’s steering committee

2.       The Political Organizations registration and verification committee has not received any other lists or letter of complains as of 6:00 pm on Sunday of 29/05/2014 this as required by article 14 of section 25 which states the deadline for submitting the list.

This committee has accepted and approved these resolutions which have being signed by the supreme committee of the Third KULMIYE general meeting as required by the law.

Signed by
1.      Abdirizaq jama Omer

2.      Aden Geedi Qayaad
3.     Omer Hassan Ahmed
4.      Hassan Ahmed Ducaleh
5.      Abdaleh Ibrahim Mohamed
6.      Mohamed Abdi maalik
7.      Ismail Abdullah Ali
Allaa Mahad Leh



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