Somaliland:Police Use Intimidation Tactics to Harass Jamal Ali Hussein and other Opposition Leaders


10686640_909347612438859_9008486794627015474_nBy Mustafa Abdi Ibrahim

The plane carrying youthful Presidential Hopeful Honorable Jamal Ali Hussein touched down at the Egal international airport earlier on Monday marking his return to the country yesterday after a month long tour abroad to the jubilation of his supporters who had gathered to welcome him.

The convoy carrying the Presidential hopeful made its way through the main streets of city of Hargeisa was Hundreds upon thousands of supporters holding placards had converged as early as six o’clock this morning to welcome him.

The UCID Presidential hopeful and his convoy of supporters numbering in the thousands were heading to the party headquarters when they stopped by the infamous RRU near the parliament junction who ordered them to divert to another route.


The ensuring heated arguments resulted to the indiscriminating gunfire meant to disperse by force the party officials and supporters of the justice and welfare party(UCID)this forced the convoy to divert to another route.DSC00143.JPG

UCID press statement Mr. Yusuf Kayse Abdullah speaking to the media said, “The police intimidation have resulted to dozens of our supporters being injured and dozens more detained all of this after we had a day earlier informed the police to guarantee the peace but sadly this was not the case as its clear to all that the current government has embarked on a campaign of harassment and intimidation of opposition leaders and its supporters.

Last year UCID’S Presidential Hopeful intention to visit the town of Gabiley was cut short after his convoy was blocked in the town of Abaarso by the security apparatus in what was seen as an act desperation by the government which outraged many Somalilanders and to the disapproval of the people of Gabiley , which prompted local elders to condemn the actions by police in a press conference and also are disgusted and rejecting this ill-considered act.


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