Somaliland:Police net Demonstrators in the port town of Berbera – Fahmi


Badhasaabka Gobolka SaaxilBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Dozens of demonstrators have being detained in the port city by police during a serious of protest on Friday, the Governor of Sahil region Mr. Fahmi Abdi Bidaar has revealed.

The regional administrator speaking to reporters said, “The people who took part in the unlawful protest on Friday were demanding for the blood of the police officer who shot and killed the late inspector Aden Guled Dahir commander of the special protection unit (SPU).

“Those protesting were expecting the accused officer to be executed immediately on the spot after the first class martial court handed down the sentence but that not the way law implies because the case has to be reviewed by a higher court instead for them to wait for the law to take its due course so they resorted to anarchy,” he said.

Mr. Fahmi Abdi Bidaar, further went on to say, “The deceased police officer remains were laid to rest on Friday night with full military honors.

The Family and relatives of the deceased officer had earlier tried to block the burial from taking place.


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