Somaliland:Police in Oog launch manhunt for killers of man


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The killing of middle aged man a fortnight ago which occurred in a remote village in Oog district has trigged a massive manhunt involving police, army and regional administration.

Major Ahmed Mohamed Gutaale , the officer in charge of police in Saraar region speaking to reporters said, “The deceased man and his two injured female companions were shot by unknown gunmen on their way home after attending a traditional Somali wedding ceremony late Thursday night.

“The late Ahmed Hassan Durran succumbed to gunshots wounds and at the same time two of his female companions were injured during the incident and are currently receiving treatment in the district hospital”, Major Ahmed said.

Major Ahmed added, “The incident occurred after a fracas broke out involving armed youth from two rivaling clans who had gathered for the wedding ceremony.

“At the moment we are still investigating the matter and all I can say for now is that we have in our custody several suspects for questioning that’s all,” he stated.

The incident occurred on Thursday night in a remote hamlet located in Oog district in Saraar.



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