Somaliland:Police Chief Warns would be Anarchists as Second Explosion goes off Near the Presidential Palace


Taliyaha Iyo Taliye Ku xigeenka Booliska SomalilandWe shall us an Iron Fist to Deal with any Peace Detractors

By Goth Mohamed Goth

A second explosion went off tonight at about 10:20pm in a drainage located between the custodial corps headquarters and the Presidential palace prompting security forces to lock down all routes leading to the Presidential palace.

Heavy police presences in the capital with motorist undergoing searches and reports of police confiscating some vehicles  it’s not clear who is behind this night time explosions.

Somaliland Police Boss Brigadier General Abdullah Fadal Iman and his deputy Brigadier General Abdurrahman Liban Ahmed Fooleh have in a press conference have revealed that it was a homemade device that was used in last night explosion near the famous India line.

Speaking to a section of the media the police boss, “last night at about 12:10 an explosion went off at a drainage near the India line street, a device known as “Shaani “ was set off although nobody was hurt neither was any property destroyed  following the explosion.

The police boss during the press conference revealed that they’re holding several people in connections with last night bombing.

Lastly the police boss urged the general public to be vigilant at all times and report any suspicious activities to the authorities.


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