Somaliland:Parliament overwhelmingly Approves New Somaliland Prisons Law


guurti555555By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland parliament has overwhelmingly voted in favor new Somaliland Prisons Bill 2013 into a prisons regulations law after it was recently submitted to the house by the Minister of justice.

The Speaker of the national assembly Hon Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullah ‘Irro’ during the session presided over the vote in which 46 MPS voted in favor, 1 against and 3 abstention hence approving  the new Somaliland Prisons Bill 2013 into the NO. _ /2013  

The new prisons law replaces the current Somaliland Prisons Regulations Law No. 49 of 9 August 1984 and which until now was in force in Somaliland but original adopted to be administered in the then Northern Regions of the Somali Republic.  The draconian nature of many of these provisions reflect the dictatorial nature of the former General Mohamed Said Barre regime, These Regulations, though still in use in Somaliland are very much circumscribed by the provisions of the Somaliland Constitution and the practice of the Somaliland Corrections Force. A group of senior Corrections officers have drafted new Regulations which in many ways are similar to the more on the previous Somaliland Regulations.


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