Somaliland:Paramount Religious Cleric Shuns Sale of Gandi Public Library


Gandi Public LibraryBy Guled Dalha

Sh. Adam Hagi Mohamoud Hiirey, a famous Islamic scholar, better known as Sheik Adam Siiro, has strongly castigated the sale of Gandi Library. On his Friday sermon, Sh Adam Siiro shocked the audiences and blamed the government on selling the public property of this nation. Sh Adam Siiro has vehemently castigated Somaliland government on losing the only national library that the capital city of Somaliland belongs to. He also stated that he had previously warned the government against selling that library. On talking to people, Sh Adam told the audiences to strongly quash against that evil action and on the other hand boycotted the sellers not take over the public property. Speaking about this, Sh Adam said, “On Thursday, I was phoned by Ahmed Yuusuf Ismail, the librarian, who is currently in charge of Gandi Library. He told me that he had received a letter from a senior official of the government.” Sh Adam Siiro further went on to say, “You must leave from Gandi Library building; I have been ordered from the Presidential Palace to convey you this message.”

Talking about Ahmed Ismail, Sh Adam said, “Mr Ahmed Yusuf Ismail paid much effort, dedication and unwavering hard work for the library to become the best. He returned from abroad in order to help his people.”Sh Adam also remarked that some of the government officials claim that this position is suitable to a particular businessman. He reiterated the need to accrue and accumulate quality books, but not to send someone to suspend the librarian. Speaking about the world and how libraries are repaired, Sh Adam said, “New York library belongs to over 55 million textbooks. The population of Somaliland is approximately 3.5 million people with one public library which is currently being sold by the presidential palace.”

Gandi public library is one of the most controversial and clamouring issues between the government, political parties and the citizens as well. Locating the heart of the city, it is a library within reach of all readers regardless of their location. All learning facilities are easily accessible and it is free to all citizens who fond of reading and doing assignments.



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