Somaliland:Opening of the 26th Session of House Rescheduled for Next Saturday


f087abd0e8120a14f0705435e7a6dec1_LBy Goth Mohamed Goth

November-08-2014- The 26th session of the house of parliament expected to open today has being postponed has until next week, according to press statement released today signed by the speaker of the national assembly.

The speaker of the national assembly and also the chairman of WADDANI Hon Abdurrahman Abdullah Mohamed “Cirro” flanked by his two deputies today issued a statement in which they citing lack of preparedness as the reason of today’s postponement.

The speaker of the national assembly Hon Abdurrahman Abdullah Mohamed “Cirro” briefing the media refuted reports citing the recent parliamentary impasse as being one of the reasons which prompted the postponement of today’s session said, “Those reports are unfounded and lack any basis, today’s postponement was caused by lack of proper arrangement on part of the house that’s why we have postponed the session for four more day’s but I do assure you that the house business will resume as usual next Saturday.

see the signed document below

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