Somaliland:Opening of the 24th Session postponed for Two More Days as MPs Disagree over Motion to Impeach Cirro



By Staff

SomalilandPress-A motion to impeach the current Speaker of parliament and the chairman of WADDANI party Mr. Abdurrahman Abdullah Mohamed has sparked a political standoff with nearly 53 MPs representing ruling KULMIYE party no confidence motion against parliament speaker.

Residents of the Hargeisa woke up to the heavy presence of security forces in most parts of Hargeisa, the capital city.

Somaliland Deputy Minister in charge of national Security and Internal Affairs Ali Gardheere and Police commander-in-Chief Abdullahi Fadal Iman on Saturday announced that security forces briefly arrested five Members of Parliament for throwing stones at soldiers in front of Hargeisa regional court.

Parliament secretary Abdirasak Saed Ayanle a known Cirro sympathizer was arrested on Friday night and lawmakers-Saed Elmi Roble, Bashir Tukale, Mohamed Salah, Ibrahim Mahdi Buuba and Nasir Ali Shire after they tried to forcefully enter the house of parliament  , security sources revealed.

Speaker Cirro flanked by a couple of MPs speaking earlier in the day at a press conference held at Imperial hotel said, “I, together with my compatriots were denied entry into the parliament and I don’t know why many police and other security forces were deployed today that’s shows the house of parliament is under seize said the speaker Cirro.

The chairman of the house of Guurti and the deputy chairman Haji Abdi Waraabe intervened postponed the opening of the 24th of session of the house for two more days

Meanwhile, protests erupted in Togdheer regional capital of Burao claimed at killed at least one person and left scores of other civilians wounded in the skirmishes.



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