Somaliland:Ongoing Talks are Constructive says UCID and KULMIYE as WADDANI Opts Out


a50ee668ce6ee2b4f1eff250f61a7055_LBy Goth Mohamed Goth

The government and three official political parties have for a third time failed to reach a consensus on the highly contentious issue regarding Guurti’s 21 month current government’s term, including a further postponement of the presidential and parliamentary elections due this June.

The ruling “KULMIYE” party, and one of the two opposition parties, “UCID” Justice and Welfare party had agreed that talks were constructive but more time was needed in order to find a worthwhile solution to the matter for the sake of safeguarding our national interests.

Mr. Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullah, the speaker of the national assembly and leader of WADDANI in a press briefing moments after walking out of the meeting venue told reporters that the conciliatory talks have broken down and he also added that WADDANI shall seek the intervention of whoever can solve the current impasse including the international but he didn’t rule out coming to the negotiation table in the future.


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