Somaliland:One Word for the ID cards and other for the Two Army Officers killed in Qorilugud


I am very glad that the opposition parties and the government sat together and understood the importance of ID cards for our country recently. Problems are solved when people sit,listen,talk or discuss whatever the matter or the issues are .
People have different understanding, opinions and way of thinking. There’s absolutely nothing wrong to disagree things as humans have different brains that functions a completely different. What someone thinks is right, others think completely different. It’s a human nature. If people think or have same opinions, we would not have all these problems that are occurring in this world that we are living.  Everything would have been hunky-dory and problem free world. Don’t you think so, I do.
Let us remind ourselves that Inter-peace committed to carry out and do Civil registration in 2011. And it’s still coming. This proves that inter-peace aim is to control Somaliland.  What are they taking 5 years to ………..?
Knowing that they have no chance of collecting the 40 million that was going to be allocated for Somaliland civil registration, then they have tried to create problems

We need to be aware that those people don’t really care whether we have ID cards or not. They are here for their interest which is money. It’s our duty to carry out our duties, responsibility and any developments that we think will move us in to the right direction.
I heard one of the opposition parties saying that the people should wage war against the elected government. What an absurd comment, this is Treason of the First Magnitude but as I said I am very happy that everyone involved understood now.

Introducing all civil registration including the ID cards will indicate and show our strength, ability…
We are letting the world know that we are capable and have the capacity to achieve what we want.

Some things are wrong and goes wrong sometimes, some things are right, simply .. In our brain, there’s this mental act that performs entirely within our mind which takes place within our mind… The idea of right or wrong comes up with by a human is by definition subjective. That’s all well and good and understandable. Problem is that it only applies to some people sometimes who believe in it and it gives them no authority to proclaim anything as “what we should be doing.
Very often everybody disagrees with each other and we don’t get anywhere. See what sometimes happens between parties or in the parliament houses.
Now let me ask you a question and would  like you to answer within your brain.
Let’s pick very awkward one. Why is group rape or a single rape is objectively wrong? Don’t misunderstand me, I can’t think of a single instance where rape wouldn’t be wrong. I believe very strongly that sexual abuse is one of the greatest evils in the world. Why is it evil? If you can answer me without using a God-based or subjective argument.
there is no such thing as right and wrong, only the things we call right and wrong. And since nobody can agree on what to call what, we’re all in a lot of trouble. The simple fact is that we need to sit and discuss for whatever the matter is.

There are two important ways to involve and help to solve any problem. First, you can listen to each other so that both party have a better understanding of the causes of the problem, the barriers they have to managing or preventing the problem, and their ideas for solving the problem. Secondly, they can become involved through participation in the initiative to asses the problem independently  It’s always wise for people to participate, but if those affected by the problem or opposing it don’t wish to listen or participate, then it’s is a good time to start building rapport with them.
Maybe you disagree with me

My second point
Two senior national army officers that were recently murdered by one of the soldier at Qorilgud . First of all, condolences to the deceased  families   This is a cold-blooded murder and will be investigated and the murderer will be caught to justice. The military court will have to find the culprit and bring him to justice. For me, this guy should be buried next to the deceased instantly  by the military as this is a military related case. There is a military court for all military cases. Regardless of how he has escaped, he will be brought to justice. No matter how far he runs…
The army officer killed chose to be 500 miles away from their families, relatives only to carry out their official duties to protect us and the country from  our enemy
I think the chief Caqil and the sultan of the culprit should be arrested if they fail to bring the guy in to justice. Period,  and i think we should do the same for every case like this one…

I believe that Somaliland as whole has lost two qualified army officers.
My only advice to all Somaliland people that we don’t need to create more problems, demonstrations and losses of life and losses of government property as we already have lost two officers . Remember   Government property is our property.

We all condemn this barbaric killing

Let’s pray for the officers

O Allah, forgive the two officers and  Make them among the guided ones, raise their status. O Lord of the two worlds, forgive us and them and make their grave wide and full of light.

Long Live Somaliland


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