Somaliland:New Round of Talks between SL and Somalia to Resume Soon in Turkey-Hersi


HersiBy Goth Mohamed Goth

SomalilandPress-The stalled Somaliland and Somalia talks will resume in the near future this was revealed by Minister in Charge of Presidential Affairs Hon. Hersi Ali Haji Hassan during an press conference held at the Egal international airport on Friday just before he departed the country headed for Turkey.

The Minister in Charge of Presidential Affairs will join the Minister of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation Hon Mohamed Bihi Yunis who is currently in Ankara as part of the Secretariat Team which is expected to lay the ground work for the proposed talks and will be composed of officials from both sides.

Hon Hersi added, “Somaliland is committed to the dialogue process, which we hope will resolve future relations with the country of Somalia. Somaliland thanks the Turkish government for their crucial role in promoting and supporting the talks.

The talks were previously  stalled due to political upheavals in neighboring Somalia.

Click Video to watch the press conference


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