Somaliland:Netherlands Ambassador Joost Reintjes Meets President Silanyo




Netherlands Ambassador Joost Reintjes met with President Silanyo at the Presidential Palace in Hargeisa today, to reiterate the Netherlands continuing support. Speaking at the event Ambassador Reintjes welcomed the increased co-operation.

The Netherlands Government recently joined the Somaliland Development Fund (SDF), increasing its contribution to development projects in the region. The SDF helps deliver the National Development Plan (2012-2016) and associated Somaliland Special Arrangement. The Fund aims to reduce the fragmentation of development assistance, and give the authorities more ownership over how and where the funds are being spent.

“Our visit represents the continued commitment of the Netherlands to provide support to Somaliland. We recognize the efforts the authorities have made and are still making to strengthening governance, and providing basic services to its citizens. We see the SDF as a vehicle to support Somaliland’s efforts to meet the Millennium Development Goals and support its commitment to ensuring lasting peace, stability and development. We also know it is Somaliland’s preferred funding mechanism identified in the Somaliland Special Arrangement.”

The SDF aims to contribute to stability and prosperity. In order to achieve these goals, it is crucial that citizens receive essential basic services and the authorities engage with their citizens through transparent and accountable mechanisms.

•By contributing to the Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) donors support Somaliland’s development goals. The SDF supports the authorities by funding projects that are fully aligned to the National Development Plan (NDP) 2012 -2016 while at the same time recognizing the role of the Somaliland authorities in the delivery of basic services.

•The Fund supports recurrent and capital costs. The SDF will also support the Somaliland authorities’ communication of results to build accountability and transparency. Furthermore, the SDF is designed to strengthen the state-citizenship relationship and enhance accountability and domestic revenue generation.

•Current donors of the fund include DANIDA, DFID, Norway and the Netherlands.

•Further information is available at



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