Somaliland:My Inspiring Message to the 2015 Youth, Leadership & Entrepreneurship Development Graduates


Mentoring at Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development 2015Dear YLED Graduates;


To the good distinguished quest speakers, sponsors, founding father of YLED initiative Mr. Steven Zwane, volunteers, mentors/coaches including myself!, parents, members of the media; and most importantly graduating YLED 2015 class;

I am certain that today we have gathered in here not to only celebrate the completion of powerful YLED entrepreneurship and leadership programme in 2015, but to also celebrate the beginning of life after this interesting yet challenging journey where you have acquired lots of entrepreneurial, leadership and other important life skills which can help you to lead a change.


We have gathered here to renew our commitments to our nation S.A, Africa and mother earth. Indeed to finish studies is to invite the community to demand from you innovative services and leadership. We have gathered here to celebrate with our graduates and to request them not to ever forget our history and not turn a blind eye at a limping man on the street and the child who walks the street despondent about the world affairs of the injustices that occurs before his/her eyes.


Today, (Saturday, 24th Oct 2015) serves as assurance that we can develop South Africa, Africa and humanity at large to better than how it’s now…we explore the deepest levels of ourselves as a young minds skilled and upskilled with all the leadership and entrepreneurial skills we have gained from YLED and from the experienced volunteers, mentors, coaches and skilled speakers,  this will assist you and all of us to build a better South Africa and greater rising mother continent. It is no doubt that SA needs fierce minds and skilled people to work today to give those to come a better long term solutions at life and change the lives of common men and women.


It also true that today at ABSA Towers North, marks the beginning of a consciousness of our duties. Indeed, the YLED model equips each and every graduating student, both leadership and entrepreneurial perspectives and civic duty. We are called to gather here not only to admire but also to support one another for all these businesses which you have intiatied…


Askar Mohamed Nurturing MindsSouth Africa needs its children to toil in sacrifice because our call of duty is a harsher and harder one.


As a mentor, volunteer, social entrepreneur and proudly Absa Business Banker, who’s deeply patriotic and passionate for socio-economic change/development towards the youth of this country and beyond, I believe it is incumbent upon me to encourage yourselves not to place your needs first, but to put the needs of others first, to give the child of crop chopper a chance at life, to afford a limping better access to education and better skills, care and justice.


It is our duty not to forget and our education gives us privilege and better access to information and we should not only have that information for our growing companies only, but also humanity betterment and to continue our commitments like the CSI programme with ST Mary’s children…well done.


In closing, glancing our surrounding environment esp. at this diffcult time where SA university students are on mass strike nationally, I would call upon our institutions of higher learning to start teaching entrepreneurship from young as YLED model does to encourage “we” mentality than “I” mentality. We can better our nation and we can change a lot of things and such begins with a leap of faith and start producing fierce and competent minds such as this today


I thank you all for you immeasurable commitment to the development of this wonderful South Africa and beyond.


Thank you very much.


Askar Mohamed (Saeed)

Business Banker

Mentor and volunteer at YLED,

Social Entrepreneur, founding President of Horn African Social Entrepreneurs Forum in S.A (HASEFSA).





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