Somaliland:Muse of The Chip of The Old Block: “Call No Man Foe But Never Love A Stranger”


Silanyo and Cronies

“We have to distrust each other. It’s our only defence( or defense) against betrayal” Camino Real

By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

“The honeymoon of the two tribes might officially over and the President is pondering which other “shoe” to wear to bypass the fortified walls ahead (means which other tribe to use and drop bloodless after the elections)” friend of mine said to me “true Kulmiyists(Gar-adagists) see the defeat in our eyes” he added feeling betrayed and harboring hatred towards his masters. Despite Agbar Tribal Conference of the West, South, and North of Hargaysa, Agbar Congress’s outcome was nothing but a symbolic showoff of muscle but ultimately bequeathed an unnecessary division and polarization of the tribe, the end decision decided was to remain clerical subordinates for others perhaps but for how long? Sheikh Samale  Finance Minister’s silly utterances beautifully answered the question“ ilaa Silanyo yidhaah haakah waanu iska fadhiyi (Agbar iyo Alaa  Ibaday dhexdeeda)!”.Or “till Silanyo satiate his insatiable greed for power”. But “There is enough for everyone’s need but not everyone’s greed” Gandhi of India.

though many thought Agbar would give some sort of unity to its ethnic participants—if true ethnicity is shared by all excluding Maxboob of Hawiya and others—  and leverage to Muse Bihi’ in his legitimate and noble ambitious campaign, the disunity is all time and he still lonely in his fight against overwhelmingly powerful spectrum of alliances as before and continues to be so—Imagine Silanyo without Gar-dag unconditional moral, political, financial support and massive resignations of ministers from his tribe in support of him during the last critical hour of the elections—Some people called Muse even a “blind political orphan” in the wilderness without any real or imaginary tribal belonging and he needs to quit the art of politics with dignity sooner than later as he is not good at it.

“When a dog bites a man, that is not news, because it happens so often. But if a man bites a dog, that is news.” Similarly, I think it’s not news Muse Bihi is excommunicated from the party or the party’s office is barred entry from him or Dr Abdilahi was fired when ends met. We used to hear hiring and firing of Agbar people from time immemorial. Sheikh Samale, Silanyo’s pretty byproduct, will replace him and fired afterwards. The news is Bihi or his clan bites Silanyo. That is news, we don’t have that yet.  


Lord Malquist and Mr Moon once said in the 1966 “The House of Lords, an illusion to which I have never been able to subscribe—responsibility without power, the prerogative of the eunuch throughout the ages”. This applies to poor Bihi whom taken for granted and heard the news of the nomination of Executive or the Central Committee of a party he claims to be the Chief and his “own”, from VOA like anyone else! A man can be castrated in more than one way by mighty political forces of His.


No doubt Somaliland organizes as clans and tribes no matter how one is in state of denial for the fact. But Bihi’s stunning lack of clannish backers of Samater-wayne or Agabar as whole casts doubt of common ancestry and reminds me of the book titled “ sacmaalayaasha” that challenges the authenticity   of certain ethnicities of Isaaq including mine and may bush the book to  bestseller in Hargaysa’s next book fair as  most of Muse’s closest cousins not just abandoned him when he needed their tribal support most but strengthened his opponents! So I think there are qabaa’il macaanaday (bogus tribes) iyo kuwa sida qudhaanjada soo xooma (outdated warriors of clan mentality of seven century of genuine blood related kinsmen and women) in Somaliland. but please don’t tell me Bihi is Somalilander or we are polarized or they are unified or the three are inseparable rocks  welded to another  on the head or your clan is clean and free from tribalism— but maybe the degree of it varies from one region to another—and they a**hole tribalists, we’re not , I won’t buy it.  But tell me like three year old kid why Engineer Hashi to Ahmed Hussein Isse to Muse Bihi always, not often, meet their waterloo  when it comes to politics and their “ tribal” constituencies don’t fuss it? I don’t understand.

Muj. Yusuf Gaboobe, war veteran and his cousin editor are languishing in Gabilay cockroaches-infested dungeon for no reason during the 18 May he ferociously fought for while Strong Security Minister Waran’ade and his Chief Police Fadal are contemplating to see off Muse Bihi and Dr Omar Abdilahi to Berbera boiling, suffocating prison if they seriously assert to their rights even though theirs are infringed! Will that ignite peaceful sit-ins in Xero-Awr or Goljano quarters like Cairo never mind rioting or their Sultans will congratulate for the government for doing so? To quote Ahmednajed of Iran saying “the Arab League can’t make fly to fly”.  Inertia crept in as certain tribes are politically incapacitated since the visionary Leader Egal has passed away. Only they await to be recruited from or nominate by other tribes, no hope for leadership any time soon.

Mujahid Muse Bihi

American Emeritus Professor of Anthropology is visiting the region very soon to take samples of DNA to identify tribes there and prove or refute the argument of the great author of the book“ Sacmaalayaasha”. His work will attract world attention and be widely cited in the scientific journals worldwide. But his research, too, will be incredibly devastating to some.

In retrospect, a minister of Presidential Affairs, Emran, Habarhabusho by tribe but in terms of lineage quite distant from Silanyo’s ethnicity as Arab or Garxajis tribe, celebrated that Kulmiye ‘s victory and dabbed the governmental car with the party’s color flag and  finally crushed it slaphappy with his tribal victory while he was working as minister for President Kahin when President Kahin sounded like saying to  Silanyo Guardian’s famous quote “ you won the election but I won the count”. Tribalism raped the minister proving Gafadhi’s recent startling statement “ reerkayagu sida qudhaanjada ayuu isdabayaacaan” or “ as ants we line up neatly to blindly  support same ethnic candidate regardless of faith (like Michael Mariano) ”. True, but Muse is not less intelligent than Hirsi or Silanyo but has no tribal base support whatsoever although they say blood is thicker, his case peculiar and against the norms of “clan loyalty” over democratic values of indentifying with the candidates whom a voter very much in common with.  Outsider statesmen often outvote his constituencies while it is too difficult if not impossible for Muse Bihi to dare to wave his Kulmiye’s splintered flag over Yaroowe or Gar-adag without the presence of Colonel Mohamed Kahin.

Hirsi, most powerful minister and the sole decision maker of a nation of 3.5 people ,currently in Canada raising funds to finance  “dubious” multi-million dollar projects of his personal agenda to revitalize his dying cult amid Drone attacks perhaps, began his present career at his cousin’s business of Dahabshil, then passed to politics where he was appointed to be Kulmiye’s only member of the National Election Commission NEC by former chairperson Mr. Silanyo, then became the chief Cashier of Gar-adag Summit which enabled president Silanyo to usurp power through clannish smear election campaign of “us (Isaaq) vs. them (Samaroon) taking stock of shallow sentiments of the mobs. Where Muse in all these? He was part of that campaign wittingly or unwittingly assisting his potential political murderer.

He is lonely and military cadet or unlearning political novice as ever; his noiseless removal already began very earlier and it‘s at the final touches. A crack of wall that leads to the fall of a house takes time as it is gradual process.

But I bet on Jamal Ali Hussein, a cousin of great leaders from colonel Dhagawayne to Egal to late  laxwas to Arbay Farah to mention few, who seem to know dirty clannish politics of our world to use to his advantage not to be disqualified in the first round of the coming matches: Kulmiye VS. New UCID. I wish him well and hope not to disappoint me.

by the way, I am writing this to alert to my peers to quit mass delusion of myths such as this“ Asaaskii Hargaysa iyo Sheekh Madar” which yusuf Gaboobe intended to distort history of Hargaysa’s founding tribes and to adjust to the new realities that  someone from far distant land can rule you with disrespect and hire your elites from Harvard and LSE just to draft promotional articles how “democratic” and “investment-wise” Somaliland is, or draft condolences respectively and get paid for that without any meaningful role in running the state affairs! The author of an article Silanyo VS. Bihi: looming political earthquake will have a faint once Bihi is easily, noiselessly, unseated and removed from the party without quakes or storms as he predicted. His analysis is superficial, far from reality or simply put it “wishful thinking”. Muse wants men in the battlefield not women to ululate him with his pitiful exit of politics. You know it and I know it as the back of my hand.

another thing has been done regularly since Silanyo at the helm of the Kulmiye: whenever some significant changes is about to happen within the Kulmiye Party, the venue is slightly moved to elsewhere like Ambassador Hotel, “foreign land” to some people, not in 26 June or Mansour, or to Buroa to scare certain people like kids. “ sawaaqroonba waa niman markay socoto xaafuun”. I used to hear we x and y tribe of North and East dominating the skylines of Hargaysa but finally everyone sit down to listen when a man of high caliber like Chief Hirsi begun his Gar-adag “valuable” lectures in the Parliament on behalf of his Uncle Silanyo as well as his surrogate father without any booing!

However; Muse personally is tough man but without backers as long as he still clings at the party’s butt despite attempts of his evictions. Yet he is confused with direction Hirsi is kicking the ball, Muse used to play Harshin dromedary game with some rules of yellow or red cards but with no exposure to Gar-adag nocturnal dangerous volleyball with no rules. He always caught off guard and wakes up when the business is done, impossible to undo, and speaks to VOA or others to alert audience they are dropping him dead on the floor.  Who cares?  He ought to speak about the corruption or oppression of free press to earn the public, not his personal interest alone.

 I think neither Erro nor Bihi, two political dwarves, is threat to Hirsi-Silanyo Coalition Party bankrolled by Dahab Shiil . Samale will soon replace Muse Bihi when Hirsi-installed executive committee impeaches Musi Bihi for not doing what is required of him, business as usual for the next five years or even more.

It would be wiser for Bihi to heed the honest advise of Hon. Suldan Mohamed Abdiqadir to withdraw his “mock” candidacy, exercise in futility, and content with his “ nominal” chairmanship  if his clannish camp is always empty and to compose himself rather risking predictable or certain outcome of Harti or Samaroon jury, defamatory coverage of his dismissal, and ultimately terminating his playful political fate once for all before he says” ilaahayo dadkayga sidayda ka dhig ama anaga sidooda iga dheg” of Eng Hashi’s remorseful speech yet trite when he got two votes out of hundreds to his rival Saleeban Nuur of Guurti despite his arrogance.

Only pray can break from the brutal dominance Gar-dag cast on him. “Come not, when I am dead, to drop thy foolish tears upon my grave, to trample round my fallen head,

And vex the unhappy dust thou wouldst not save”. ‘Come not, when I am dead’ (1850). That is Muse Bihi. He was left to his own devices and only he fights to the end against rainbow alliances of various mighty tribes but he is our “son” and we share credit should he wins by himself.










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