Somaliland:MUBCO co and Bilim Pharmaceuticals Showcase Health Products


DSC03875-1024x682By Staff

Mubaarak company “MUBCO” , one of the leading Pharmaceuticals companies in the country yesterday in well attended ceremony at Dahabshiil Business center which brought together local doctors and medical practitioners to showcase health products produced by Bilim Pharmaceuticals based in Turkey which is a “deeply rooted” corporation, , in line with its mission, attaches importance to people and human health; adopts quality as a philosophy of life; makes use of advanced technologies; performs production at international standards; develops economic products; and is customer-oriented and open to continuous development.

DSC03866-1024x682Mr. Jama Dualeh, representative Mubaarak Company “MUBCO” speaking during the function said, “I am happy to introduce you Bilim Pharmaceuticals which is a 100% Turkish capital owned company that manufactures and markets drugs, a strategically important commodity.

DSC03825-1024x682Mr. Yusuf Dualeh Barre ,the chairman and founder of Mubaarak Pharmaceuticals Company said , “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for attending this function meant to show case and introduce you to our medical and health products Bilim Pharmaceuticals

DSC03834-1024x682Mr.Gokhan Saglam , speaking on behalf of Bilim Pharmaceuticals said , “Bilim Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1953 and is ranked 3rd among 300 corporations in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, Bilim Pharmaceuticals consistently continues to grow at a higher rate than the market. Bilim Pharmaceuticals carries out its production activities at two separate plants. Approved by the German Ministry of Health, Bilim Çerkezköy is one of Turkey’s most significant penicillin manufacturing facilities.

“Customer orientation” is a part of Bilim Pharmaceuticals’ strategy of manufacturing and offering economic products and its principle of “respecting the community”. Carrying out its marketing and sales activities in 11 different locations throughout Turkey with 11 different teams and more than 1,200 field employees, the Bilim Pharmaceuticals team’s performance is evaluated every two years by means of customer satisfaction surveys and plans aiming to raise customer satisfaction are implemented”, he said

Having ranked among the top two companies in the Turkish pharmaceutical market and aiming to be the highest exporting local drug manufacturer by the end of 2014, Bilim Pharmaceuticals allocates nearly 5% of its budget to R&D investments.

Approved by the British Ministry of Health, Bilim Gebze is Turkey’s largest, most innovative and most environment-friendly drug manufacturing plant. Bilim Pharmaceuticals owns the largest R&D center of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry with a laboratory area of 4,500 square meters, where it develops new products, contributing significantly to the Turkish economy. Exporting to 50 countries, Bilim Pharmaceuticals has representative offices in Moldova, Georgia, Bosnia&Herzegovina and Albania. In a sensitive sector which is directly related to human health, Bilim Pharmaceuticals prioritizes quality and adopts respect towards future generations as a corporate value.


Bilim Pharmaceuticals provides “steady and regular growth” by being open to continuous development. In the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, that reached TL 14.4 billion in size in 2012, Bilim Pharmaceuticals ranked 3rd with a 4.9% market share. In terms of boxes sold to the market, Bilim Pharmaceuticals completed 2012 in 3rd place, selling 109.9 million boxes. Having completed the year in 2nd place in terms of physicians’ prescription preferences, Bilim Pharmaceuticals was preferred in 7,1 out of every 100 prescriptions. The company’s aim since its foundation was to be an effective player not only in Turkey but also in international markets; today Bilim Pharmaceuticals exports to 52 countries and plans to enter the American and European markets in the coming years.


Bilim Pharmaceuticals was one of the 5 companies to generate the highest turnover in three (antibiotics, respiratory system, muscular and skeletal system drugs) of the five segments, which account for the highest sales volume particularly in Turkey, while it owns 198 licensed drugs in the market.



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