Somaliland:Mr Silanyo and Pareto efficiency Model

The Pareto Efficiency model is a economic concept developed by an Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto. To
define the PE it’s an economic concept with application engineering social and economic science. In a
simplistic term the model or concept promotes equality in wealth distribution and economic efficiency.
Example of Pareto Ef iciency:
Given that an initial allocation of goods among a set of individuals, a change to a different allocation that
makes at least one individual better off without making any other individual worse off is called a Pareto
improvement. An allocation is defined as “Pareto efficient” or “Pareto optimal” when no further Pareto
improvements can be made. Of course, further improvements is possible in Somaliland if not more, however,
I am using this term and concept to explain that the economic development is in line with justice, and national
wealth is distributed amongst regions of Somaliland in a symmetrical approach, in a way that meeting the
principles of the Pareto Efficiency Model
We know well there would be no progress without good gasp of economic development in line with
education investments as well as health, combined with balanced wealth distribution. As economist or
average educated somalilander, let’s me examine Mr Silanyo achievement so far in relation to the
aforementioned aspects. In this regard Mr Silanyo has achieved the following;
When president Silanyo took over in mid 2010, the government coffers were empty not to mention a huge debt to 
date the Kulmiye administration has reversed the negative financial situation through stringent corruption measures, enhanced
 tax collection etc.
These endeavours of strict and transparent have enabled the central coffers to not only stabilize national funds but increase
 the annual budget from $46M to $175 million dollars .
In relation to the increased revenue the government has:
1.  Increased by 100% the salary of civil servants, Armed forces, Parliamentarians and cabinet
2.  Removed from circulation the Gimbar (Somali) Currency in Toghdeer region where residents had suffered for along time.
3. Oil and Minerals exploration in the country.
4.  Employed 6500 civil servants among them teachers, medical personnel etc
5 . Monumental infrastructures development including Airports, roads and central Government buildings .
Within the short period that the Kulmiye government has been in power a number of important milestones have 
been attained in the education sector, namely:
1. Availing education to all by making primary school education free thus an increase in the numbers of new 
registrations as well as reduction in drop-outs.
2. An increase of 3000 trained teachers in public schools at both primary and secondary levels.
3. 147 new primary and middle schools.
4. Ensured the quality of education through the establishment of a higher education commission that monitors 
the curriculums of secondary schools and universities.
5. The solicitation and disbursement of scholarships for education in foreign universities.
The Kulmiye government having stressed on the development of the health sector has achieved:
1. The opening of a fully equipped regional hospital at Gabile as well as the construction (Ongoing) of a 235 bed 
hospital in Hargeisa.
2. The recruitment of 900 medical personnel who include doctors, nurses, pharmacist and midwives.
3. Increased the emergency response of Erigavo, Borame Gabile and Berbera through the provision if extra ambulances.
1. Since livestock remains the economic thus livelihood backbone of the nation the Kulmiye government has 
concentrated in ensuring that the pasturelands are free of diseases thus managed to utilize the services of 
80 veterinary medicine teams for inoculations.
3. The improved livestock health has proceeded with the country having exported the biggest number of livestock.
This development has also been made possible by various improvements made to the infrastructure and personnel of Berbera port.
Water is one of the most essential commodities for both human and animal life and its sufficient acquisition has 
remained one of the main focuses of the Kulmiye government. To this effect the following has been achieved
1. The addition of 50 water boreholes while a similar number is in process.
2  23 water reservoirs constructed in all the regions within a diversified water installation projects ongoing in 
30 trading centres of Awdal, salel, Maroodi-jeeh, Toghdeer, Sahil, Sool and sanaag regions respectfully
3.  At the same time an EU funded project is set to start providing sufficient water in Hargeisa, Erigavo, Wajale and Burao towns respectively.
Going back to the article title, the majority decent people already came to conclusion that the president is fair
and square with his sound judgment, and that he’s a great economist as well as politicians with substance. Mr
Silanyo has made a great improvement within the short distance as president. Furthermore, if not
exaggerating Mr Silanyo economic models can be compared with that Vilfredo Pareto with his justice and
wealth distribution. What matter today to President Silanyo that the majority of the somalilander willsay
that absolutely Mr Silanyo has made the average somalilander better off without making anyone worse off,
and there fore his economic model is well within the developed world economic models. My message to the
Siilaanyo critics is this; the average somalilander knows that Silanyo delivered indisputably his promises and
more, and that you have no alternative economic policies in place, and in the absence of substances, you have
nothing to tell the public.
Few days ago I was presenting the government achievement to a prominent British MP (Conservative Party)
who also happened to be former economist. The MP comments were very positive about the Government
achievements so far, given the level of our GDP and meagre resource available. She informed me that
Somaliland is on the right track to build strong economy based on Livestock export, and future oil and gas
exploration would enhance the livelihood of the average somalilander in the foreseeable future provided we
continue in this pace as young progressive country. Therefore, the MP comments encouraged me to write this
letter, and I willreiterate my support to Mr President Silanyo Government and ruling party Kulmiye for their
achievements. As nationalistic nation we should also rely behind any leader that can make things happen
whether it’s Mr Silanyo or other any future good leaders that succeed him and fellow his social and
economic models, and therefore, Pareto Efficiency is the way forward for our nation to strive. Well done Mr
President A Silanyo you’re characterised as servant of the nation not the master of the nation
Jama Ali Toohyare


  1. The measure of progress in the fields of politics, economy and social responsibility of any nation, irrespective of who is the one that leads it, is something that the public feels and sees. Progress is not something that no one can deny, in all honesty and fairness. What is out of mind is also out of sight.

    The projects for Berbera and Hargeisa airports is not what Siilaanyo government has gained and got it secured from Kuwait . This project was given during Riyaale's reign and is just a completion. It is not what Kulymiye party can praise and pride on themselves. Call this call just as a big lie.

    Employment of 6500 : There is no concrete evidence for that. We know only that Kulymiye party even expelled UDUB employees. We just know every minister or manager just peoples his department with his kith and clan people.

    Water: The real status of Hargeisa can tell us how water resources in country have been developed.
    Some wells in hinter;and cannot tell the true store of water scarcity.

    Economy: Fail to understand the model of economy that the authors is talking about. What model did
    Siilaanyo invent and did introduce to the nation? The author did not elaborate this.

    Recruitment of 900 – When these professionals been recruited and whey they have been recruited to? Pay a visit to Hargeisa hospital.

    Improvement can only be seen when and if following problems are truely addressed.
    a- corruption.
    b- Nepotism
    c- Work ethics
    e- Discipline
    f – Social responsibility
    g- Greed and get-quick methods.
    h- injustices

    Failure to address above issues and others will mean that Somaliland not attain any progress.

    • Oman Qaal,

      It seems that you are not cause-oriented but clan oriented. " The items you listed above are all generic." This is sheer nonsense. Contrarily these are real obstacles that lag us behind and need to be addressed in a civilized way. Do not pretend that you hate clanism and things of that sort. Siilaanyo never proved himself as a wise president by any practical sense. He failed to handle the affairs of the country in a presidential way, and even lack the courage, conviction and consideation to do that. Example, Berbera Cement Factory? Is it a national property or a clan porty? Why certain people claim that it belongs to them? Why Siilaanyo did not take a bold decision on this national issue? Come on and answer!

  2. IMO it's fair to say that the article carries sufficient evidences of the substantial progress
    that the Govt of Kulmiye Party headed by HE President DR Muj Silaanyo achieved since
    coming to power. There is absolutely no doubt or denial in that aspect.
    @Toohyare, your contribution is well conceived..thanx.

  3. Somali song says that " inkastoo loo baaqoo, oo loo sheego bar qaaqo dad bay meeli bugtaa" it seems to me that is true, when ever some one is angry, in some reason doesn't matter what someone told weather it is true or not, that angry mind still sees only one thing, an example is the big munafaq of waliid binu Muqiira and Abdillahi Binu Salool both knew that pr Mohamed was the right Prophet of Allah but there were some thing they were carrying for. He was appointed to be the leader of Madina before the prophet comes there …………
    what I mean is that Somali proverb says that " Nin meeli u cadayhay meeli ka madow" or anther one "haldiidani geed ay ku xaqato ma wedo" I am not against criticism, yes we have to double check the government, not this one only but every one but we have to give their credit what ever good thing they do, other wise our criticism will be one sided too

    • this article is right it is crystal clear what the kulmiye part done for short time of period, there is so many thing that we still need from them but they did great, who ever don see that, the good thing that Somaliland government achieved I doubt his/her patriot ness

      well done Mr. Tohyare

  4. It's quite clear that the current administration of Somaliland is doing its best to move the country forward. One must understand however the government doesn't have a magic wand to resolve all Somaliland's economic deficiencies overnight.

    To that end, I'm a firm believer that Somaliland is on the path for success not because of Silanyo's leadership alone but also the ordinary Somalilander citizens have chosen to live in peace and tranquil environment over being a part of hostile and unstable places, e.g Somalia……..My hat goes off for the all average Somalilanders who made Somaliland a beautiful and peaceful place to live in and also to visit.

  5. KULUC,
    Isn't it a bit absurd that you are trying to water down the facts without proving solutions of your own?
    The items you have listed above are all generic…it's a lot easier said than done..

    • The president is a public chosen figure that any one under his umbrella has a right to criticize him.
      Some might argue that he has done a fabulous job with limited resource. Others might content that age has catch up and his thinking ability is waning and a lot more could have been done, should there be a young thoughtful person.
      I support the later idea, but still believe to have him finish his term.

      Would suggest and hope to keep the postings formal. .

  6. Without dividing ourselves between KULMIYE,UDUB,UCID or WADAN, please let us all work for one cause called Somaliland nation. I will try my level best to work with any leader that has the best interest in their heart for Somaliland people,I do not care whether the leader is Kulmiye or not,as long as this government keep on improving the life of its citizen, I will support it.

    May Allah, bless Somaliland, its leaders and its people.AMIN!

  7. What an d um b response kuluc….."The measure of progress in the fields of politics, economy and social responsibility of any nation, irrespective of who is the one that leads it"

    Oh really? subtract 174 million from 46 million and you get exactly what the previous administrations were robbing the Somaliland people from. 130 million dollars annually that were being taken by those who are supposed to give back to their country and people.

    Kulmiye brought that back into the country and this administrations efforts are being felt and seen.

    I suspect all those crying are the ones who were stealing 130 million from the people. Keep crying that money is going to educate our children, give healthcare to our people, provide clean drinking water and numerous other improvements that our people have been living without.

    Everyone is sick of Africa being a joke, Somalilanders want to be different. Landers should except the best from their governments and this administration is next only to the SNM in their service to our country.

    • Nancy Lander,

      The standards of today, illusory notions of one-sdied propaganda are not entertained by people like me
      A budget not deeply discussed and debated is an illusive in its own sense. Talk about why Berbera port
      revenu goes direct to presidential palace, epecially Siilaanyo's in-house account Manager


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