Somaliland:Ministry of Foreign Affairs Refutes Extradition Allegations


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Somaliland LOGO1

By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has in the strongest terms refuted false reports carried by a “FOORE” local Somali language newspaper.

In a press statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated as follows:-

The Somali language newspaper “FOORE” in its 658 edition published on Saturday the 21st of February, 2015 purporting that the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Justice had processed papers for extradition documents to attorney general for extraditing Mr. Omer Hassan Omer, a Somaliland born Danish to Denmark where he is wanted for murder.

Therefore the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to reiterate once again, that it has no knowledge of the purported report; neither did the Minister of Foreign Affairs nor any other government officials issue any statement regarding the issue relating to this matter.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs demands substantiation about the allegation from “Foore” which purports that the foreign ministry has processed papers to such effect.


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