Somaliland:Ministry of Civil Aviation Official Refutes Airport Tax Increment Claims



By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Director General in the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transport Mr. Omer Abdillahi Aden has refuted allegation leveled against the Ministry by opposition party’s alleging the unlawful increase of mandatory airport security fee which passengers using the country’s airports usual pay.

The D-G speaking during a press conference held at the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transport headquarters said, “The Ministry of Civil Aviation SMS message which citizens received over the week was just a reminder to would be passengers of the usual airport levy required of arriving and departing passengers and thus shouldn’t be taken as increment of the usual levy.

“The reason which prompted the Ministry to dispatch the message was to inform passengers that due to the increased number of passengers using the country airports facilities this year we had decided to charge incoming passengers only this contrary to before when we used to charge them when they arrived and when departing the country. The main aim of sending the message was to inform departing passengers that they will not be required to pay the usual airport fee,” said the Director-General.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transport official briefly elaborated on the airport security levy in which he stated, “The Ministry of Finance charges $33 on every passenger using airport facilities as tax in the country plus the $10 airport security levy which was approved by parliament nearly two years ago and that’s was the message we wanted to putt.

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