Somaliland:Ministry of Civil Aviation Holds Farewell Event for 10 Staff Headed for Nairobi to Receive Training as Air Traffic Controllers



By Goth Mohamed Goth

SomalilandPress-The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transport has today held a farewell function for at least 10 students who are expected to depart to Nairobi, Kenya soon why they will be to be trained as technicians, air traffic controllers and methodologists in UN-ICAO this being part of a project to hence Somali manpower development and which will finally result to the replacement of non-Somali staff with Somali nationals.

The 10 staff were among the top qualifies in an UN-ICAO exam in which over one thousand job seekers took part. The 10 students will be trained as technicians, air traffic controllers and methodologists who will in future be responsible for enable Somaliland to supervise its airspace and provide access to the technical information including international safety standards.6(126).jpg

Mr. Omer Said .the Director General in the Ministry of Civil Aviation speaking at the farewell function said, “Today’s function is meant to bid farewell to the 10 students who qualified the UN-ICAO exam for the 16 positions made available for Somaliland and Somalia, it’s good to see Somaliland students have earned 10 position out of the 16 position putting in mind this was a highly contested exam with over 1,200 applicants taking part in the exam , he also urged the departing students to make good use of this opportunity.


“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our talent and apart from the personal experience the students will be representing the nation and that their future success will comprehend the country as a whole; The Aviation official finally advised the students to uphold discipline within their ranks as their conduct will reflect on the image of the country”,the Director said.



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