Somaliland:Ministry of Civil Aviation has the Capability to Fully Control our Airspace


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transport has of lately been preparing itself for the full transfer of the control of its airspace which was previously been controlled by Cacas and ICAO under the auspices of the UNDP and has successfully completed all the necessary preparations and equipment.

The Press Statement released by the Ministry spokesperson Mr. Saddam Mohamed Ahmed stated as follows:-


Somaliland Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transport will from now henceforth be the solely bear the responsibility of control the most important part of airport functions, the ATC, ground based communication system and have successfully tested newly acquired communications equipment to be used in communicating and directing airplanes in the upper and low airspace.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transport has put in place all the necessary measures need for full control of our national airspace will be tasked with controllers and technicians who are experts in that field under the supervision of the director of civil aviation Eng. Said Mahdi

The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transport once again do hereby reiterate the commitment by the government of Somaliland is the legitimate and decision-maker within Somaliland Airspace and won’t allow its airspace to be controlled by some foreign country or entity in that matter.

Somaliland government warns the UN and ICAO not to take irrational decisions without consulting the all stake holders  as the airspace management clearly demonstrates the risks involved hence the need to avoid forgoing a holistic, conflict-sensitive approach to the matter.


  1. Wow after 23 years of losing billions of dollars, how do we reclaim all the save money as the Somalland airports and infrastructure and security really need a face lift after all the warplanes and bombing from the Sna 1988, and is this a proposal or official control?. Anyway well done Ministry of aviation, but you have much more harder work needs to be done otherwise Moqdisho is taking all the money and control. You have to be fast quick and tough a get a petition sign by the public of the whole country and international observe as it is injustice denying to Re-recognise Somaliland or to at less let it control it is OWN airspace as it is much more powerful and intelligent than Somalia. Ramadan Kareem.

    • Hold your Horse plse ..Somaliland Civil Aviation is capable Individually will achieve there self management of their Air Space Control. this field is very complected Field do not write or comment some thing u have experience.this is a very high profile issue , .there is an expert in this field who is the Director of ( somaliland )Civil Aviation >>> a Senior Engineer Mr. Saeed Mahi Elia.He is the expert that can deal with ( I A TA ) . best 4 all.ramadan kareem

      • and you are very high profile shit, and you go with both legs ha? one time you advice the SFG as Somali and another time you talk about being Somalilander ha?


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