Somaliland:Ministry of Agriculture launch’s water and Soil Conservation Project


By Goth Mohamed Goth

Gabiley -Somaliland ministry of agriculture today launched a five years project meant to prevent of soil erosion and water conservation which will be funded by the Germany development bank (KFW).

The ceremony marking the launching of the project was held in Lafta Boqor village,in Gabiley region.

Ministry of Agriculture is currently developing a new approach, according to which there should be minimal working of the land, and instead alternative methods will be introduced, to enrich and upgrade the soil hence stopping the soil depletion, and also improve and to enrich it for future food production.

Mr. Mohamed Elmi Aden (Ilka-casse), the director general in the ministry of agricultural development speaking during the occasion told farmers that working agricultural land in the correct way will help us conserve precious natural resources and create an enormous environmental gain by preserving the quality of the soil and water sources.

Lafta Boqor residents thanked the ministry of agricultural development for its efforts.

Mr. Mohamed Elmi Aden (Ilka-casse),the director general in the ministry of agricultural development also toured the Gabiley seeds storage facility and later met with the Mayor of Gabiley town.



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