Somaliland:Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Resigns due to Personal Reasons


sooonyBy Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Hon Ahmed Abdi Kahin is the latest to quit his portfolio in the government after submitting his resignation letter to the head of State.

Hon Ahmed Abdi Kahin speaking to the media said, “First and foremost I would like to thank President Silanyo for appointing me as the Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs and I am honored to have served under his leadership for the past two years.

The outgoing minister speaking to the media denied his decision to quit President Silanyo government was in solidarity with fellow cabinet ministers who quitted earlier in the week said, “My decision to quit my post dawned on me after, I realized it was becoming impossible to execute my duties at Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs that was long before my fellow cabinet colleagues resigned.

I am not blaming any one for my exit not today or in the future. My plans are to become a legislator.

Unconfirmed reports cite the reasons which prompted the Sports Ministers resignation was due ever increasing interference from the Minister of Finance Hon Zam Zam Abdi Aden.


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