Somaliland:Minister of Commerce opens the 7th Somaliland Business Fair


DSCN9750By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Minister of Commerce and International Investment Hon Muse Kassim Ahmed officially opened the 7th Somaliland Business Fair (31st of October until 7th of November, 2015) at the sprawling Guleed entertainment park the event is organized by Somaliland chamber of commerce, industry and agriculture.

Minister of Commerce and International Investment Hon Muse Kassim Ahmed, “Apart from offering visitors the latest products at competitive prices, the outlets allow industry buyers to directly contact manufacturers after the fair. The benefits of such a practice include better services and attractive prices, as well as greater buyer protection.

Mr. Mohamed Shukri Jama , the chairman of Somaliland chamber of commerce, industry and agriculture speaking during the opening ceremony said , “The seventh Somaliland Business Fair More than 100 companies local and international showcasing their products and services among them six new companies from Yemen and Puntland who are taking part in this year expo for the first time ever.

“Somaliland business fair enabling both public and private sectors of the country to display their services and get the opportunity to percent and promote their products, services and contributions to the development of the country ,” Mr. Shukri said.

The events is a perfect gateway for businesses to expand their market potential and build new local and internationally network which will feature a broad range of Somaliland’s success within the business circle. It offers an excellent way to promote your business and opportunity to connect with other local businesspeople and exchange ideas.

Somaliland business fair was launched in June, 2010 by a group of youth entrepreneurs who came up with the idea to contribute the development of their country in order to achieve in seeing a society with knowledge and civilization, fighting against poverty, free from drugs and crimes.

The business fair was launched with the aim of attracting potential investors and identifying potential businesses in various emerging markets, with special emphasis on both East Africa and international markets.DSCN9712

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