Somaliland:Minister of Aviation Heads Delegation Attending a two day International Security Summit in London, UK




By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Minister of Civil Aviation and Air Transport Hon Mahmoud Hashi Abdi leading a high level Somaliland delegation took part in two day international security summit “Securing Asia &Africa 2014”held in London and which is said drawn participation from leading experts, companies and senior government decision makers in homeland security, counter terrorism and defense from both Asia and Africa.

The Minister of Civil Aviation was also accompanied by the director of immigration lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Ali Yusuf “Ina Cambaroo”, head of intelligence Jama Bootan and other top officials from the ministry of interior.

“The Summit is for us is an opportunity to understand and explore emerging markets in the homeland security, counterterrorism and defense sector across Asia and Africa, showcase cutting-edge technologies, facilitate business between Asia, Africa and the West”, he said.

Hon Mahmoud, “The conference gave us a platform to discuss debate and share experiences and to actively engage and interact with industry experts, policymakers, government and private buyers, and businesses pioneer in bringing together policymakers, buyers and sellers from around the world, the Summit witness’s participation from leading experts, companies and senior government decision makers in homeland security, counterterrorism and defense.

The security summit covered over 100 countries from the fastest growing economies that the IMF predicts will remain so in the coming years.



  1. The minister’s participation in this conference is uncalled for and it is just a scheme to visit London at tax payer’s expense. There is no benefit for Somaliland to attend this conference. Junior ministry officers are sent to such conferences, if an interest and a benefit in attending the conference exists, wherein the participating officer produces a report about the issues/knowledge/trends/benefits etc.

    See for yourselves, in this link, what the conference entails:

    • What else should he be doing? An ignorant person who is appointed king over a nation of ants and termites who in turn have no clue as to what governance and accountability means.


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