Somaliland:Minister of Agriculture urges Local farmer to plant Apple & Pears Fruit Bearing Trees


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The apple tree has for the first time successful planted by farmers in Somaliland among them the minister of agriculture Prof. Farah Elmi “Geedole”  who has been planting the fruit bearing trees in his home in Borame.


The minister of agriculture Prof. Farah Elmi “Geedole” gave us an insight into the origins of which he said was from Yemen and was recently introduced to the country and he also showed us the apple trees he had planted in his garden.


“Apple and pear trees require patience, knowledge and skill to grow well. Despite the effort required, apple trees in particular remain a popular addition to many home gardens and he urged local farmers to grow the plant which has immense benefits and with a little planning, homeowners who enjoy picking ripe, juicy fruit from their own trees can successfully grow fruit trees, such as apples, pears”,he said.


Apart from the apple bearing trees, the Minister of agriculture has been successful in introducing a similar pilot project involving the growing of rice in two regions of the country.


  1. So late all this ministers are a joke what to do the get pay for the five nothing but 5 days work and scratching their bums the whole. We to see some work this is not fair for the people.

  2. Somaliland afrmers need to grow desert cereals like sorghum. They need to dig wells and irrigate farms covered from the mid-day heat with harraro made from maadh(do these things exist? tarapualins will do). The govt needs to establish a decent catering school where the best ways of cooking sorghum is explored. Can you make lahoh, ambabur, buns, crumpets, garlic lahoh, chilli lahoh etc from sorghum alone? why not? has anyone ver tried?

    The fruit trees that should be planted in their thousands for our grandchildren are date palms and perhaps bizarrely, papaya which can thrive in deserts like ours. You can then plant high quality orhgnic vegs between the trees covering them from the sun. This will give you an opportunity to export these to the West.
    Peras and apples will never take-off in somaliland. Just too arid.


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