Somaliland:Minister of Agricultural development Inspects horticultural farms in Arabsiyo district


By Goth Mohamed Goth

A high Level delegation led by Hon Ahmed Mumiin Seed, the Minister of Agricultural development and flanked by Hon Mohamed Elmi Aden (Ilka-casse), the Director General together with other top officials in the Ministry of Agricultural development toured the various horticultural farms in Arabsiyo district situated in Gabiley region.

The Minister of Agricultural development and his delegation during the tour visited  horticultural farms situated in Gogol-wanaag, Agamsaha, Horehaadlay, Carro yaambo and  Beer constituencies which are partly funded by the Horn Gardens ,And which use modern methods such as horticultural and agronomic crops production are intensively cultivated and warrant a large input of capital, labor, and technology per unit area of land, but in modern agriculture, horticultural crops may be extensively grown while many agronomic crops are now intensively cultivated.

Hon Ahmed Mumiin Seed, the Minister of Agricultural development, after intensive deliberations and consultations with the farmers had these to say “The Ministry of Agricultural development is committed now than ever before to assist Somaliland farmers overcome their pervious hurdles, And in line with the policies of the current government led by H.E President Muse Bihi Abdi and whose polices are to develop the national horticulture and agronomy sectors as to hence the agriculture production and the national food safety.

“Our (The Ministry of Agricultural development) first priority was to consult with the agricultural engineers, of whom we have greatly benefited from and we are still continuing our cooperation, but what’s is of paramount importance is for the government and the general public is to hold our hands together so as to achieve the unachievable, we should not wait help from international aid organizations nor foreign countries of whom most have proven to be self reliant through adopting practices to Achieve Food Safety. Thus why we need to adhere to the necessary food production standards meant to facilitate sustainability for local demand and for the surplus to be sold to foreign, markets; We have all the necessary mechanism in place but what’s lacking is will and know how, “The Minister of Agricultural development stated.


Mr. Hamse Mohamed Abdi, the Governor of Gabiley region, had this to say “As you’re well aware of the region of Gabiley is known as the national bread basket, the reason being it host’s the most productive farms in the country yet many hurdles still do exist, “he stated while briefing the Minister of Agricultural development.

Hon Mohamed Elmi Aden(Ilka-casse), the Director General in the Ministry of Agricultural development speaking during the inspection tour said, “I would like to use this opportunity to urge the farmers in Arabsiyo district and nationwide to continue to strive in  achieving and maintaining the pace in increasing production and reiterating that the of Ministry Agricultural development is committed in supporting them so as to achieve self reliance and at the same time encouraging the youth to engage in farming activates.  

Public concern about food safety and raising staple food commodities is placing increasing pressure on the current government agencies most notably the Ministry of Agricultural development to be more prescriptive and proactive in their regulation of the food industry. However, given the scarcity of public sector resources, concerns about the impact of regulation on competitiveness and the scale of the task at hand, there is growing interest in co-regulation.