Somaliland:Man guns down three in a shooting spree


Assailant flees the scene as police keep mum on the incident

By M.A. Egge

Residents of Ina Hindise trading centre in Sabawanaag district of Marodijeh region were jolted to shock and awe when a man ran berserk and gunned down three men in a tea kiosk where revellin patrons were chewing chat at the weekend in the evening of the night of Thursday/ Friday.

The assailant identified as Food Hirsi Jibaah shot fatally Ismael Yusuf Sugulle, Dashike Ali Awale and Awke hence bolted out of the village immediately thereafter.

Despite the fact that it is believed the gunman is hotly pursued, the security apparetus has not yet shed any light on the incidence.

The police Chief operation commander Col. Mohammed Duale politely declined to comment on the matter hence referred the paper to his superior.

On his part, the Chief Police Commander Brigadier General Abdillah Fadal Iman could not be reached on his mobile phone.

Whatever the case, such solo act of trigger-happiness that claims several lives at a go has not been seen nor witnessed in the recent past.


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