Somaliland:Land Grabbing by Hargeisa Council Officials


By Ismail Yusuf.

confrontations which sourced casualties is an indication of land corruption

Violent practice of seizing land through force by Hargeisa Councilors constantly to expand their territorial holdings to broaden power generates confrontations which sourced casualties is an indication of land corruption

The land is public property, which is dedicated to the use of the public. It is a subset of state properly. The word may be used either to describe the use to which the property is put, or to describe the character ownership owned collectively by the population. This is in contrast to private property, owned by an individual person or artificial entities that represent the financial interests of persons, such as corporation.


State ownership, also called public ownership, government ownership or state property, are property interests that are vested in the state rather than an individual or communities. Land and buildings is usually the most valuable assets people own.
Land administrative corruption involves bribes and illegal payments made to register land, acquire official documents and approve building permits. It is required from our interior ministry taking steps to build transparent, effective and accountable land management systems, especially certification and registration of ownership. Every country has their border lines that divide its cities and towns to avoid any land ownership conflicts and even divided cities have border lines that divide the city. A divided city is one which, as a consequence of political changes or border shifts, currently constitutes or once constituted two separate entities or an urban area with a border running through it.

Council laws informs fundamentally about understanding power and the political economy of land. It involves the ‘rules, processes and structures through which decisions are made about the use of and control over land, the manner in which the decisions are implemented and enforced, and the way that competing interests in land are managed. Land governing bodies encompasses different decision-makers, processes and structures, including statutory, customary and religious institutions. Border is an imaginary line that isn’t remarkable in any way, usually not even readily visible. More often than not, the only indication you’ll get when you’re crossing one is a sign that is noticed.

The Borders labels layer displays information for the viewing area and includes international and country borders, towns names, coastlines and names of major places around every country. Boundary refers to a well-defined line whose position is considered legal and final in position and status by both adjoining states and for which no dispute of any kind exists and without border lines between our cities, town and districts, certainly circumstances will influences uncertainty that possibly may cause confrontation which involved causalities like what happened between the councils of city (Hargeisa) and salahley which apparently the city council was engaging land corruption.

The government should exercise strong pressures on land use as this create new challenges in ensuring the basic human right to land tenure is respected especially for and rural communities as on most cases occupied developing cities and towns and neglects small settlements like the one which currently Hargeisa council attempted on various times sizing its land by forces, but foiled by the people of the settlement although human casualties caused by invading council from Hargeisa. With regard to the border line that divided the city and Salahley, despite the fact that, there are no specific border lines between these two towns, however, it is true the small settlement (Toon) which is about 13 kilometers away from Hargeisa was falling under trusteeship of Salahley district at the time Somali-land council election in 2012 and consequently this an evidences that, the small settlement (Toon) is 100 % fall under salahley district administration. We are wondering why this land grabbing is frequently happen only this small settlement and not anywhere else in Somaliland. Why this is special place of disputes at all times. It appears that Hargeisa city council has other intentions other than the one that elected for them

We are wondering why this land grabbing is frequently happen only this small settlement and not anywhere else in Somaliland. Why this is special place of disputes at all time. It appears that Hargeisa city council has other intention other than the one which elected for them.Therefore, the government should immediate steps to prevent further land take holding by force from the end of Hargeisa council by marking provisional boundary lines for the disputed areas to treat as true boundaries until final decision with regards all national borders for the towns will unless the government an effective steps, certainly land corruption in Somali-land will be major adversely affects every city, town or small settlement. When taken together as a system, land governance is ultimately centered on how people use and interact with land. Effective and enforceable land governance provides a necessary framework for development and an important defense against many forms of corruption. It supports security and ensures sustainable livelihoods that are essential for people and countries that rely on land as one of their main economic domains.

The government must take steps to build transparent, effective and accountable land management systems, especially certification and registration of ownership which countless times generates confrontation between societies. In conclusion, we need rules, regulations and mechanisms in place that call upon our council actors to justify their actions, act upon criticisms or requirements made of them, and accept responsibility for failure to perform with respect to laws or commitments. The governments seek to mobilize citizens to engage in public debate, provide input, and make contributions that lead to more responsive, innovative and effective governance and the absences of transparency land policy, then our late council election has made councils richer and our public more lesser fortunate.
It is believed that our land administration policy is the major of corruption of Somali-land. Majority of corruption cases in the land sector involve arbitrary interpretations of laws and regulations and particular in urban areas, informal fees within land. Taken above into consideration, we require to have a trusted independent anti-corruption land commission to save us from the present deterioration situation reported from every city, town and district is Somali-land .

Democracy must be built through open societies that share information. When there is information, there is enlightenment. When there is debate, there are solutions. When there is no sharing of power, no rule of law, no accountability, there is abuse, corruption, subjugation and indignation. Land corruption are ruining the land, crooked politicians betray the working man, pocketing the profits and treating us like sheep, and we’re tired of hearing promises that we know they’ll never keep. Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, it’s necessary consequence. Unfortunately, corruption is widespread in our councilors as their system promotes misuse of funds this has undermined our legal system and confidence in the functioning of the state. One of the consequences is that many citizens don’t pay their taxes.





    • Let your council do shit. If those lousy bums do not respect the citizens property, then their is no law in the land, and definitely their will be fight and destruction from within, Allah prohibits. But if these stupids don’t understand that, then it will back fire against them sooner or later!!!

      • Respect the law and order. law made 4 u to protect your rights. cool down and have a sense of behavior. never expect unwise judgment from any Official from the Council Team . cool down no body simply take your property with out any reason.
        ramadan kareem

        • ha? are joking? law and order and made for me? wise officials? where are they, i don’t see them. where do they live ha? show me i really wanna see them. Can you point out one of them to me, so i will go and see him if he really exists? Shut your mouth up we know who are you fucking talking about. Its those ignorant below standard ex faqashs we see all over Somaliland. Let them make the laws for you since you are content with their shit and do not lecture us!!

          • Mohamedye your Language seems to be left behind fagaaash of Syad Beri .regime .you have no voice in this civilized world be in the black age .make war in Hargesia after that I will record a film from you as the hero actor ,Name of the Film will be Hargesia BLACK HAWK. .DREAM IS YOUR knowledge .

          • Faqash siyad barre was yours, and it was us who kicked his dirty Ass and sent him to the hell in which he is living to date. Go after him in hell to live with your ugly lover. Do not bullshit we know your type.

      • HI LOOSER////??Any land found does not have legal document or not paid the Land tax the Council have the wright to Confiscate any land with out any legal documents . The writer of the long long comments ,is saying the LAND is public Property. ok so no need the council to legalize 4 you. ????? again need to ask you what you mean .Why this Land grabbing is frequently happen???? again a silly requisition. nothing happen in the entire world with out any reason.if you have legal documents 4 your land u have to indicate and open a file in the Court. only simply writing Council take my land with out clarifying any thing. to remind you who is the looser if you create destruction or war between clan. do you think you will be the winner????your are ignorant person like you never win any. plse better travel to Mogadisho and you will get a free land . D R E A M .
        BYE LOOSER

        • Looser ha? Ah ah ah ah ah ah, You are bloody ignorant goreyooy. Al Hamdulillah. I have more money and property than you, and by the way nobody confiscated no land from me. I won’t let any Ex faqash do that to me. We have paid dearly to regain our country and freed our people from the clutches of your faqash allies and they were dislodged for good Al Hamdulillah, so i am not like you pussy. I am defending the poor and helpless people who are facing the day to day fight for their lives when the thieves you’re defending are enjoying their loot, so shut your fucking mouth up again so i can clip my pen and forget that such shit people like you exist and live in my country. You and your likes who defend those passive big tummy ex faqash officials are no more than cheap chicken feed stuff and i will not credit your shit with answers from today. Go seek your cheap type. piece of shiiiiit!!!


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