Somaliland:Labour minister calls on employers to adhere to regulations


M.A. Egge

The labour and social affairs minister was cautioned employers to stick to stipulated regulations of the country.

In a call to local companies, International and Local NGOs and associated employers, Hon. Mohammed Abdillahi Obsiye warned that the nation’s constitution should be adhered to as pertains to the legislation.

In a press conference the minister held at his office over the weekend, Hon. Obsiye called for the respect of the rights of employees.

He quoted several Acts of the law which cited the registration procedures which mainly appertains to the agreements hence spells out timings, remunerations, discipline, termination etc.

He especially pointed out that the specified laws ought to be noted and acknowledgebly understood by both the employers and the employees.

He stated that employees should have legal papers if non-residents, and if anything, have their permits renewed as per regulation.


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