Somaliland:KULMIYE flagbearer passionately appeals for collection of voter cards


19732305_1883736608555633_5488054613108203027_nChairman and flagbearer urged the populace and potential voters to readily and keenly collect their voting cards which are being distributed by the National Elections Commission. The Presidential contender for the ruling party was leading a high powered delegation to the regional Togdeer city of Burao to help mobilize the populace to collect their voter cards.

Chairman Bihi who has in recent times exuded cheerfulness joked with the people as he toured various reveling centres in the town such as Suqaar amd Quda’ restaurants.

He passionately asked them to patriotically complete the electioneering process by collecting their cards and exercise their political rights by voting.

He repeated the same appeals later at night at a grandious meeting he had with youth in a filled up hall.

Later yesterday he opened a party office that supporters had put up.

The same patriotic calls were made by the minister of information Hon. Osman Abdillahi Sahardid who also passionately asked the people to exercise their political rights.

The Kulmiye stalwart and ardent supporter talked of the need and importance of the democratization processes.

Similar appeals were equally made by Public works minister Hon. Ali Mohammed and the chairman of SOLNAC

Whereas Wadani group were also strongly visible in Togdeer, UCID whereabouts were not prominently in  the public limelight.


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