Somaliland:KULMIYE Chairman warns against Hooliganism


By M.A. Egge

The Kulmiye chairman and flag bearer in the upcoming Presidential elections Musa Bihi Abdi has warned that inter-party hooliganisms should be nipped at the bud before it takes ground since the introduction of democracy was established to root out tribalism.

The chairman made the sentiments at the end of the first phase of collection of the election voter cards for Togdeer and Marodijeh regions.

A long-time politician, Mr. Bihi led a high profile Kulmiye delegation which got hilarious receptions in Togdeer region as they mobilized the potential voters to collect their cards.

His delegation was triumphantly welcomed at Doqoshei and the districts that fell under Odweine jurisdiction.

Other Kulmiye delegation toured Salahley, Baligubadle, Bali-Kalil, Sabawanaag and its environs led by the deputy Kulmiye chairman. Other officials who joined the Sabawanaag delegations included Aviation minister and Interior DG Hon. Farehan Ali Heibe and Hussein Jebiye respectively.The Wadani group likewise toured all the areas visited by Kulmiye for the same cause.

Apart from a slight hitch where hooligans heckled party officials, all went smoothly for the mobilization efforts.

Chairman Bihi noted that the hooligans who brandished and waved their rival’s flags did so without the knowledge of the party hierarchy hence absolved the Wadani party from the misdemeanour.

On the other hand, NEC officials cautioned political parties to adhere to the expected etiquette and norms of the tenets required of them.


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