Somaliland:KULMIYE Chairman names new Awdal team



By M.A. Egge

KULMIYE Chairman and the party’s flag bearers Musa Bihinamed the top party team for Awdal region. The new executive line-up will have Mr. AbdiqadirDahirOjor as the new regional chairman, Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Elmi as his deputy and Mr. Mohammed Sh. Muse Omar as the new secretary.

Others are as follows:

Abdirashid Yusuf Abdi – Chairman of youth wing

Sahra Aw ElmiMohamud – Chairlady, women wing

Deeqa Farah Adawe- Deputy Chairlady, women wing

Safia Abdi Noor- Spokesperson, women wing

Yusuf Noor Muse- Head of Coordination of regional electoral commission

Omar Musa Qalinle- the head of coordination of regional and district party affairs

Mohammed Aden Sultan-regional head of party communication

Mohammed Said Aden-Head of Social affairs (regional)

Abdirizak Ahmed Ibrahim (Dool) –head of Security and Political Affairs

Ahmed Hassan Adan –Head of Mobilization and guidance

Abfirashid Mohammed Roble- Head of Finance

AbfirahmanDaibElmi- Finance Deputy headSocial Affairs

Ahmed Hussein Samale-Deputy Head of Regional District Coordination

Abdiqadir Farah Hassan – Deputy Head of Regional Electoral Commission Coordination of the party

All appointment takes effect immediately

In a related story Chairman Muse Bihi Abdi has appointed Ms. Kaltun Hussein Mohammed to be the new Women’s wing chairlady for Gebiley.

In a press release that was circulated yesterday by the party of unity and development (Kulmiye) by the chairman, the appointment of Kaltun takes effect immediately.



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