Somaliland:Judges should speed up cases which have accumulated in the courts-Chief Justice


Aden Haji Ali Ahmed Somalind New Chief Justice3By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Chief Justice Aden Haji Ali has urged members of the country’s judiciary to speed up cases which have accumulated in the courts over the past years.

The Chief Justice speaking during the opening of a training workshop for judges on Friday said, “It takes long period between the times cases are filed and when accurate judgments are delivered which translates to “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” .

“Most judicial posts will require a relevant legal qualification for the post and the holders must be able to professionally execute their duties including, as appropriate, preparing for trial, case management, presiding over court proceedings, hearings, actions, and sentencing, determining applications and giving judgments”, the Chief Justice stated .

Chief Justice Aden Haji Ali further said, “This training will equip you with the necessary skills needed for qualified legal practitioner specialized in handling certain types of cases. He or she must of course know the law, and know how to apply it”.

Lastly the Chief Justice reminded the judges to be punctual in order to fulfill their obligations as guardians of the law and the need to respect standard working hours in order to pursue activities necessary for serving the society.


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