Somaliland:Internal Affairs Minister Heads High level Delegation to Djibouti


warancadeBy Hassan Ali Abokor

The Minister of internal Affairs Ali Mohamed Waran Cade in charge of national security Mr. Mohamed Ali Warancade leading a delegation made up of top judicial and security officials are currently in neighboring Djibouti although the purpose of the trip is undisclosed .

The internal affairs minister is said to be accompanied by the attorney general Hassan Ahmed Aden, head of Somaliland police General Abdillahi Fadal Iman and head of intelligence Mr. Jama Hassan Aden.

Unconfirmed sources cite the hasty trip by the top judicial and security officials was prompted by bitter row broke out between security and judicial officials on who ordered the secret and unconstitutionally extradition of the three Somaliland nationals who are suspected to have links with the two dead terrorists who blew themselves in the recent deadly bombing to that country.

Apart from the unrelenting demands by the families and relatives for the unconditional release of those three Somalilanders who are currently being held illegally in Djibouti there has being growing concern among Somalilanders on the legality of handing over Somaliland citizens to a foreign country instead of charging them here at home as stipulated in the constitution and considering that extradition is normally regulated by treaties , one is left to wonder if such a treaty exists between the two countries but still questions remain on who ordered the extradition or the abduction of this three citizens?

Those involved in this case should beware that removing an individual or individuals for that matter from the territory of another state without the judicial consent or without previously requesting permission, or following normal extradition procedures then their actions amounts to abduction. Such abductions are usually in violation of the domestic law of the country in which they occur, as infringements of laws forbidding kidnapping.

As we are well aware of the severity of extradition procedures to which the three illegally detained Somaliland nationals will be subjected now are dependent on the law and practice of the requested state which means Djibouti is the sole entity which will decide their fate innocent or guilty.

The government of Somaliland seems to go to great lengths even if it means to sacrifices the valuable its own citizens so as to  maintain good neighborliness with a state such as Djibouti which as we speak maintains a lock-down at its borders with Somaliland and worse of all been ruled by a tyrant whose behavior is known to be irrational and always maintains a constant paranoiac hostility towards Somaliland.


  1. Whoever thought that, the ugly mista afcade sancade is going to Djibouti for our imprisoned children there, or anything else to do with our Country’s interest. They are going there for their own interests. Maybe they have received an urgent order from their american or english masters. No fucking transparency. They are always running in the dark like thieves. Bloody thieves.


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