Somaliland:Immigration officials Deport 42 Illegal Immigrants of Ethiopian Origin

Somaliland Immigration Unit
Somaliland Immigration Unit
Somaliland Immigration Unit
Somaliland Immigration Unit

By Goth Mohamed Goth

At least 42 would be illegal migrants of Ethiopian origins were today handed over to Ethiopian authorities at the Tog Wajaale Border crossing point after being roundup by Somaliland immigration officials in the several towns in Gabiley region.

Somaliland immigration official Col. Abdirashid Ahmed Hassan speaking during the handing over said, “We transferred handed over to Ethiopian authorities, 42 would be illegal immigrants of Ethiopian origins consisting of both men and women were mostly rounded up by police in towns in Gabiley region

“In the past three weeks we have managed to stop at least 97 illegal migrants of Somaliland origin as they attempted to sneak out of the country through neighboring Ethiopia headed for Libya and we have since reunited them with their parents but a majority of them will probably embark on a second attempt sometime in the future ,”he added .

The immigration official went on to say, “These young people embark on a journey which always result to the inhumane treatment of would be immigrants and eventual death in foreign countries such as Ethiopia, Sudan and Libya.

Col. Abdirashid Ahmed Hassan warned local drivers plying the route against ferrying illegal immigrants.

Somaliland-Ethiopian governments have in recent time’s enhanced cooperation with both side’s now sharing information and coordination their efforts in a bid to curb the illegal immigration in both countries territories.



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