Somaliland:Horsed Sanitation Company Revealed Most Corrupted and Worsen Sanitation in Borama Town



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To: United Nation Offices in Somaliland

Whether you are local or national or International Awdality we knew for sure that Borama being originated from a region of knowledge descendent of Spirituality or inspire it. From that point view it’s a firmed that Borama is first common town ancestors of health, sanitation and hygiene of the whole regions. For last two decades the department of sanitation produced countless groups and branches, which caused the present corruption, worse and an acceptance of lost in an estimable budgets, and this period of Horsed Sanitation Compound handover the administration Borama community met the worst sanitation, tribes, alliance, Administration powers, and security providers came into existent group. The expanded experience of different administrations clarified the vital of sanitation and appeared on the superior of Borama people their healthy safety.

Administration functions showed us different importance of Sanitations in the town and divergent effectiveness appeared time after time. With existence of this massive diversity the base of Sanitation continually is changing. All the ruled Sanitation Company has not same functional work. Unlike the other towns of the regions are committing and challenging the recovery of poor sanitation they going up to overcome the problems of ill- sanitation.

Horsed Sanitation Company it works in Borama for collecting rubbish and waste materials and cleaning worse sanitation places, since for last year this company produced sterile and not breeding or developing their day to day activities and lost normal sanitation in the town completely. For that it causes the wisdom of humanity intimidate the whole parts of Borama people which ordered themselves to sanitize and collect rubbish even they paying money of 5$ for every months, although they were not getting satisfactory work and it must pay money or they will be jailed with 5$.

Let us take Hargiese an example of sanitation work there are groups that works sanitation and provide good work in terms of sanitation and more trained workers and also have enough vehicles  that carrying and collecting the whole rubbish, even If your home close they never trespassed the home until they took the rubbish.

To put this remarkable job in effect the highly developed towns straight United Nations and many other humanitarian organizations and INGO’s entrust them the job of human Sanitation and Hygiene promotion. The internationals put effort every year hundreds of million individuals send donations to their poor sanitation and hygiene in less developed countries that are still improving Health sanitation.

For surely the donors eagerly need these aids reach the needy people of poor sanitation and hygiene to recover its risks and disease that borne it? Apart from their donations they have not done monitoring and evaluating in order to ensure whether those donations have reached the target community or not. And Horsed Sanitation Company is one of the compounds that earns huge amount of money by the poor community and also the donors while they wrote trustless reports compiled papers that not intending the reality on the ground and the level of sanitation still goes down day by day.

Also there is no transparency and accountability coming from the side of Local council to follow up the company’s activities and waste town and it seems that they are part of these groups sucking the people’s blood and poor economic people with merciless. These groups connecting the name of Horsed Sanitation Company and consists 17 shares that some of them works humanitarian affairs, while the other parts are only created by this Sanitation company, they built format power tribe shared based on tribal percent.

85% of the donations they receive from the donors do not reach the targeted people or the beneficiaries. Some individuals from these selected including businessmen, doctors, government officers, local council members and political leaders absorb it, untrustworthy reports are always sent to the Governments, Stakeholders and the International Organizations.

The information in those reports and the facts in the targeted areas are very far away from each other. Because of that carelessness of Horseed sanitation company although most important community side of the less developed countries are in the last breathe and the health sector never develop without good sanitation and they are mutual relationships, getting worsen sanitation in Borama, Awdal region is a case on my point.

The government structure consists of numerous parts that work together, MoH has the mandate of Health and Sanitation to an enable the government to get country of less disease and MoIA is security and safety, MoE is to develop the system of Education and control all the curriculum of knowledge going on and distribute educational manuals. Local government is responsible a division/descendent of administration and decentralization of power including improvement of towns and promotion of sanitation and cleans the rubbish in the town.

All those parts do mutual functions that harmonize one another and create good governance. Like these corresponding structural functions. Actually, the sanitation section and its functions can be compared the function that the MoH does for the Government and we cannot discard with it as same as the Government cannot drawl with that MoH. Let us see the side of protecting and promoting this strong important responsibility, Borama sanitation is an intolerable situation.

The functions that Horsed Sanitation Company does for the Borama community are completely weak and incapable of this working sanitation. There is internal group that has connection of professionalized administration met in Horsed Sanitation Company in Borama town. This falsehearted group consists of business oriented so-called organizations and unprofessional individuals who provide for those unkind NGO’s as supporter.

After a year of local council election there was an inner group challenge among those new of this work and those previously works Sanitation used different ways that both can handle the sanitation company, those parasites become the ruling power because of the current local system elected them and give supported by tribalism and lastly created this sophisticated system.

To take advantage of vulnerable and economically week communities in Borama, Awdal region, It’s a question that Horsed Sanitation Company earns huge financial and technical and instruments supported including vehicles assistances by the donor agencies and local council.

This free financial and material assistance from the agencies are consumed by massive and never-ever satisfied hole owned by  NGO, Business men, Government officials and other hibernated groups that under shadow of Horsed Sanitation Company. The cost recovery cashes which intended to keep and save for the awful times to fulfill running costs in which the company get deficit arena shared corruptions and lost these financial oriented groups so-called the founders of Horsed Sanitation Company.

These groups are the dominated the ongoing corruption and worsen in the field of sanitation; the functions of Horsed Company Borama collapse in unlimited turmoil. Horsed became the greatest company that drop off the sanitation and lost the beauty’s town changed into waste town. I encountered one customer who was not got a service of sanitation regularly and took his rubbish for everyday without claiming and they arrested him in the prison.

The principal of Horsed Company told the customer whose was not paid that amount of money assigned the sanitation 5$ will be jailed. After the customer heard the statement he responded am not received my rights to drop everyday my houses rubbish and not right to pay this money without getting services.

You should understood that point Horsed Company has got estimated plan they are going to implement the whole houses in Borama and calculated amount of money that they will receive after end of each month, without thinking in which way we can provide good service in our vulnerable community.

Also They have gave share group of security providers in order to simplified them the punishments and putting pressure on the community to implement power struggle of their company without facing challenges, informed the police and commanders their action plans and although the Organization have hidden policy of collecting the income amount of money and told them there is a rule of arresting the people who will not pay the services..

Horseed Sanitation Company lastly received recognition and acceptance letter from the Security providers although it can causes conflict and violence, even this tasks of sanitation includes responsibilities  of local government to do the community whose they collecting the taxes, another sorrowful Sanitation case has happened in Borama town.

An area that was strong important and physically beauty are became useless and can spread outbreak during the raining seasons. During the operation on sanitation the inconsiderate Company passes some areas and only concentrates the downtown or center in the town, while the areas rubbish built a mountains, closed houses roads and distributed large areas. The business oriented NGO’s doing the operation failed the functioning and covering the needs of vulnerable community.

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Abdikadir Jama Abdullahi

Analyst and Free Writer

Borama, Somaliland


Cell Phone: +252634453327/4442995

Date: 03/24/2016







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