Somaliland:Hon Muse Bihi Reiterates the Importance of National Unity while Addressing Residents of Berbera


muuseBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Berbera -Hon Muse Bihi Abdi, the chairman and Presidential candidate of the ruling party “KULMIYE” during his last week visit to the port town of Berbera spoke on the significance of safeguarding our sovereignty, unity and development during the launching of the voters registration process in Sahil region.

The chairman of the ruling party spoke on the importance of voter’s registration to the nation’s democratization process, unity, stability and co-existence among the various communities living in the country.

First he congratulated the National Electoral Commission for the good work to implement the registration and now third from the province, he specifically pointed out the purpose of the National implementation, we said, “We are one family and one called Somaliland, we are united one religion Islam, culture, whereby no one is above the law, a under a flag whose people are equal, so if we are all united and although we all shun tribalism, deeds is what is needed not just a simple talk.

Hon Muse Bihi Abdi speaking during the occasion said, “Our nation is built on firm foundations based on peace, equality and that’s what every citizen should put in mind, either whether you’re living in the eastern or western parts or whatever part of the country and most of all whereby every citizen is free to do his business in peace, be it trade, work regardless of his or her tribal affiliation. Again we should note that human conflict is a natural phenomenon that occurs, that’s why we hear a life has being lost or people have being killed due to misunderstanding but this doesn’t mean we can’t solve such issues in order to prevent them turning into something which may create animosity among the different communities and also pose danger to our national security.

Hon Muse Bihi Abdi added, “Therefore, we need the voters registration process to succeed and for all citizens to take part in order to hold free and fair Presidential and Parliamentary election. The citizens of Somaliland should trust each other and avoid traditional leaders who want to incite them in a bid to create hatred and tribal animosity whenever an incident occurs instead of preaching uniting and co-existence among the people.

“If we want a peaceful and prosperous country, then we must learning how to trust our own government, political organizations and only through trust we can gain recognition from the international community having said that you’re all aware that we are a people who go to the polls to choosing our leaders every five years and everyone is free to run for office in other words we the people are the government therefore we should safeguard our sovereignty, stability and unity at all costs”, he said.

Hon Muse Bihi went on to say, “Therefore in order for us a nation to gain international recognition and to overcome joblessness and to deter our youth from vices such as embarking on dangerous journey abroad, for as to overcome such negative trends then we really need to be untied east to west in shunning tribalism and nepotism and most importantly to respect the rule of law.

On the other hand, the ruling party chairman reiterated that his recent trip to Sahil was meant to garner support for the ongoing voters registration process and to urge people to take part but not political campaigning as alleged by the Hon Feisal Ali Waraabe, chairman of the Justice and Welfare party “UCID”.


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