Somaliland:Hon Abdirashid Ali Mataan quits the Justice and Welfare party (UCID)


cabdirashiid-mataanBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Hon Abdirashid Ali Mataan , the Justice and Welfare party (UCID)Vice Presidential hopeful has today announced his quitting the party and at the same time accusing the party chairman Hon Feisal Ali warabe of destroying the party with his own hands during a press conference held at Mansoor hotel.

The Justice and Welfare party (UCID)Vice Presidential hopeful while speaking to the media said, “I would to inform fellow citizens and party supporters that the party is being held hostage by the chairman Feisal Ali warabe who is working in cohorts with the ruling party (KULMIYE)and current government to undermine the Hon Jamal Ali Hussein candidacy at all costs that’s why I have decided to relinquish my candidacy therefore my decision to quit the party.

The party chairman responding to accusations made by Hon Abdirashid Ali Mataan said, “Hon Abdirashid Ali Mataan is quitting because he is afraid of the upcoming Justice and Welfare party (UCID) contest which will be held during the next party convention.


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