Somaliland:HGH gets modern neo-natal wing


SAM_1942The Hargeisa Group Hospital will now be able to address pediatric needs at a specialized level when they acquired a new children’s neo-natal wing.

While thanking the sponsors of the project including that of face-lifting and rehabilitating the administrative buildings, the additional two mortuaries and two ambulances that were handed over to him, Hon. Hagletosie noted that the facilities will be a milestone hence go down well in giving better services to the people of the nation.

The administrative building was upgraded by the ministry itself while the sponsor of the construction of the new-natal wing was HPA ,Mr. Andrew represented the NGO.

He particularly thanked a group of Somalilander ladies residing in Hargeisa, the UAE and the Saudi Kingdom who jointly funded the mortuaries and also pledged to supply their refrigerators.

On the other hand the Health DG. Dr. Osman Hussein Warsame revealed that there were complete technical facilities and staff to man the new wing.

He likewise said that the plans of the comprehensive rehabilitation of the Hospital were about complete.


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