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Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2015

Somaliland:HCC Event on Islamic civilisation, its impact and influence on world civilization

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The_Islamic_civilisation_its_impact_and_influence_on_world_civilizationThe Islamic civilisation, its impact and influence on world civilization
Sheekh Maxamuud Sheekh Axmed Dalmar. Chaired by Sheekh Almis Yaxye
Hargeysa Cultural Center – Tomorrow Tuesday 1 September, 19.00

The rise of Islam in the 7th Century and the subsequent establishment of the Islamic empire ushered in a period –spanning six centuries– of unprecedented and breathtaking progress in various fields of knowledge. At a time when Europe was engulfed in what was correctly dubbed as the dark ages, the foundation of the current world civilization were being laid in the great centers of scientific learning and research in the Muslim World – Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo, Cordova, Palermo and others.

The pioneering works in such disciplines as Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine and a host of other natural as well as social sciences were brought to full fruition. That is the story of the Golden age of Islamic civilization which changed the face of the entire world forever and so profoundly.

Join us in a discussion lead by renowned Islamic Scholar and a fellow of Hargeysa Cultural Center, Sheekh Maxamuud Sheekh Axmed Dalmar, and chaired by Sheekh Almis Yaxye X Ibraahim, president of Horn University in Somaliland.

Venue: Hargeysa Cultural Center. Time: 19.00-21.00. Free entry event but limited posts are available (first come first served – online registration preferred). Language Somali and English Language translation is available on request.

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