Somaliland:Hargeysa Cultural Center – Book launch;The Mystery of the Land of Punt Unravelled


The Mystery of the Land of Punt Unravelled English Version sAuthor: Axmed Ibrahim Awale
Title: The Mystery of the Land of Punt Unravelled
Language Event: Somali (live translation into English available upon request)

Description: “The Mystery of the Land of Punt Unravelled” contains possible evidences and persuasive arguments to cause a stir among historians (Egyptologists in particular). It uncovers and expose
archeological findings in an area that has never been thought to have historical significance. This place where these findings are based is Hargeysa, the capital of Somaliland. While the information in this
book shall mark a bold step that probably could bring the long standing argument on the location of the mysterious Land of Punt to a close by pinpointing it on the Somali peninsula, it also generates new
hypotheses on, among other things, the origin of ancient Egyptians, and to some extent the cradle of the Afro-Asiatic family of languages and the dispersal of its speakers. We in particularly invite students
who are willing to undertake an original research on history, archeology and heritage preservation. The book is read by Abdirahman Yusuf Artan who will make comments and will introduce question and
answer session with public. The event will be chaired by Sadia Musse Ahmed, an anthropologist by education, who was recently involved in development issues, environment, gender and culture.

Please find attached also the list of all events of the Week at
Hargeysa Cultural Center.

Looking forward to see you tonight,

HCC Team

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