Somaliland:Guurti Names Committee tasked with Resolving Ruling Party infighting


saleban gaalBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland House of Elders have during today’s session named a committee which will be tasked with resolving the latest party infighting which began after the newly elected KULMIYE party Chairman Hon Muse Bihi Abdi declared he would run for the party’s Presidential candidacy.

The Chairman of the house of elders said, “We shall use every resource in our disposal to find a lasting solution into this matter.

The chairman of the house of Elders Hon Suleiman Mahmoud Aden today named and tasked the 14 man committee with resolve the ruling party infighting said, “We are mandated to intervene whenever things get out of hand, so I take this opportunity to name the house of elders committee to be headed by Haji Abdi Karim Hussein (Abdi-waraabe)and which includes the chairman of the House of the Elders Suleiman Aden Mahmoud, First Deputy Chairman Hon Said Jama Ali and Hon Abdurrahman Sheik Yusuf Sheik Madar.

The latest infighting in the ruling party over the selection process of the ruling party 364 organizing committee delegate’s has already split the ruling party in two warring factions and risks weaken the ruling party chances of winning next presidential elections.

Member of Parliament Hon Said Elmi Rooble who belongs to the camp led chairman of the KULMIYE Party, Muse Bihi announced that they would hold the party’s national convention on the 31st May, 2014 to choose the candidate to represent ruling party in the next Presidential elections while the Pro Silanyo camp has declared 1st June, 2014 as the date of holding the National convention, who is challenging the Silanyo for party’s presidential nomination.

1-       Haji AbdiHussein  (Abdi-waraabe)

2-       Muxumed Aw-Ahmed

3-       Abdiqadir Aw-Hussein

4-       Abdiqadir Mohamed Hassan

5-       Yusuf Abdillahi Awale

6-       Ahmed Nuur Aw Ali Aadan

7-       Ahmed Muse Obsiiye

8-       Suleiman Garas Seed

9-       Mohamed Jama Abokor

10-   Awil Hussein Ahmed iyo

11-   Sheikh Mahmoud Hersi Farah.




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