Somaliland:Unknown Gunmen attack Fuel tanker and Public transport Vehicle in Sahil

Berbera fuel depot
Berbera fuel depot
Berbera fuel depot
Berbera fuel depot

By Goth Mohamed Goth

October-21-2015- A tanker transporting fuel between Hargeisa and Berbera was destroyed after unknown gunmen earlier today opened gunfire, Mr. Fahmi Abdi Bidaar, the Governor of Sail region revealed during an interview with BBC Somali language service.

The Governor during the interview said, “The gunmen opened gunfire hitting the tires of the tanker transporting fuel near the town of Daragodle which lies in the highway which links Hargeisa and Berbera , he added a similar incident public transport vehicle was shoot at took place near the town of Sheik .

Mr. Fahmi further stated, “Security personnel from Hargeisa and Burao have being dispatched to the crime scene to investigate and arrest the perpetrators.

“A group of misinformed youth disappointed by the recent detention regional security team of five persons accused of incitement”, he said.

Tensions are running high in the port town of Berbera after the current government earlier in the week leased the Berbera fuel storage facility for twenty years to six private petroleum companies without the approval of the country’s legislative body.


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