Somaliland:Grim economical situation need urgent overhaul to reverse sky rocketing prices

High Cost of Living Affecting the lives of Somaliland Citizens
High Cost of Living Affecting the lives of Somaliland Citizens
High Cost of Living Affecting the lives of Somaliland Citizens
High Cost of Living Affecting the lives of Somaliland Citizens

The foundation of all basic human rights, regardless of any ‘isms’ or any variable ideological cloak that a factor may be draped in, is the right to live. Beneath this right to live lies the uppermost important criterion of the availing of the means to livelihood.

There-under, again, the number one issue is the availing of the sustainable means to the all-important matter of existence.

In a nutshell, the affordability of basic necessities that sustain life is what each and every Somalilander (just as any human being elsewhere) has the right to. When the basic cost of the necessary commodities that are imperative in sustaining livelihood is beyond reach, technically and practically for that matter, there is no life in any given society.

Over the past several years we have witnessed the sky rocketing of the costs of basic necessary commodities due to subsequent and permanent monthly hiking of the prices of the same. The overall situation is indeed grim and need serious surgical operation to overhaul and reverse it.

Day after day, week after week and gradually and perpetually have this nation been bitten again and again with high-cost fangs and subjected to irredeemable pains due to the severe lack of economical means to sustain life.

The inflation of the currency may be an issue people may pick as a culprit.

As we hail the President for forming a task force to delve into matter, our prayers and hopes are however that the real problem that they would palpate should be fully addressed promptly thereafter.

Other than pointing a finger on the inflation rate as assumed aspersions of many a people are caste, we beg to logically deal with real aspects on the ground.

SL’S home currency change to the dollar have more or less remained averagely the same for a long while.

Price of commodities, apart from places like the US and some western countries who have or undergoing recession for one or other reasons hence (since last economic crash) have not experienced any other effect on world economy, have largely been on the descent.

This is because the past seven years have seen perennial drop in global oil prices.

The world oil prices which directly has effects on all economies anywhere and everywhere have further nose-dived in the past several months due to complex western pressure on Saudi and other Arab producers, who are currently over producing, to step up the momentum .

This should naturally have had its impact reflected on our economy and we should have seen or experienced gradual and constant drop in our own petroleum products.

In effect, the same descent in prices and costs should have naturally been reflected in the normal basic commodities of necessity hence should similarly have come down, again gradually.

The irony is that in SL the opposite have been largely happening for a long time.

May be the local entrepreneurs have been manipulating the increases of local taxation to exploit the situation.

As unscrupulous sharks, their increases do not correspond, tally nor proportionally match our local taxation. Theirs is extortion. Their prices are exorbitant. Their reasons are illogical. Their arguments do not hold any water at all.

The government should have reined in on these entrepreneurs and save the masses from their fleecing.

Perhaps some public services may have not been let out to them.

From water, electricity, public transport, health to educational and associate services which have now become out of reach to the commoners, the afflictions are quite stark.

The common folks have barely celebrated the past two or so Eid celebrations for lack of the power of purchasing.

We plead to the committee charged to delve into this issue to be diligent with thoughtfulness, sincerity and faithfulness to both the masses and the President who have appointed them in good faith.

We hope that whatever they come up with will really be more than a creamy topical smear but shall usher in a real anti-dote to what is plaguing the economy.

We thank the President for addressing this issue. Many members of the public have had their morale boosted by the task force.


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