Somaliland:Grateful of President’s Silanyo’Re-UDUB-zation Heartening Changes


Ambassador-AwilBy Abdirahman M. Dirye

Second-rate politicians with little public experience who parrot what told once have surrounded the president of Somaliland. Most of their views are rigid once programmed unable to change or update their standpoints given the new circumstance. But the president has been thinking to change them without repercussions and he ultimately did. Thanks for doing so, the world again believed us that Somaliland is open for continuous change, not military junta or confined to certain group over others.

The so-called wing of Democratic of Kulmiye was once the ultimate endorser of Somaliland overriding issues and power politics but now they are gone forever! Thanks Mr. President for doing so. They were delusional about being very important political pillar that Somaliland would sink if they resign but you proved them wrong. Somaliland survives without even you let alone the bunch of thugs you recruited from cafes and places of worships to please blind hostile tribes. Thanks again for the eviction.

I am delighted Mr. president your courage to nominate Ambassador Awil and Jawan, electoral advisor, and ex-UDUB statesmen back to work when mobs narrowly escaped to sink Somaliland diplomacy. Genel Energy wouldn’t left had UDUB seniors being reemployed earlier.

The more inclusive government you form, the more you unify Slanders across the spectrum, good for you Mr. President. Your actions speak louder, with them Somaliland can either get destroyed or swim. I know Slander are joyous for the recent bravery unwittingly signaling that there is no natural animosity between certain people or politicians as nonstarters naively parrot to promote division, “anyone believed so was none” Amb. Awil also emphasized.

You changed heart likewise we changed our heart more, we leaned each other to build more unified stance against external challenges.

The mobs once told Ambassador Awil did so and so are confused! Heroes put their political differences when their country is at stake, no timing better and more appropriate than today! Despite Cadami Hargeisa’s former mayor’s of saying “it’s too late to undo” You Mr. President e have done a great job. I was outspoken critic of your government actions from get-go and was sitting on the fence over the past year but in your final phenomenal changes, you got me on board I am on your side unless backtracking. I know good things never happen overnight, and I am so sorry for some of the things I have said about your policies before but I may continue “constructive criticism” against your actions.

Mr. President you are great so act like leader never listen to mobs because they need leadership. Somaliland in jeopardy like never before as the region faces existential threat, so would you please lead Somaliland like Mahat Gandi or be hostage to mom’s boys and western returnees of zero leadership experience who are simply exposed to cruel side of western capitalism.

Keep the interest at the heart no matter what critics say or mean to say. Somaliland needs you at this critical juncture. Do the inevitable whatsoever it is and ignore childish folks who cry once told his turn to lick the honey over and pass the cake to his fellow co-owner.

Thanks Mr. President in advance

Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye



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