Somaliland:Government to prioritize food production fo self-sufficiency


By M.A. Egge

The VP H.E. Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael has reiterated the government’s conviction of striving to make the country self-sufficient in as far as substance agricultural farming is concerned at the end of a three-day consultative workshop on the issue.

The VP was in fact stating a fact the President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi has expressed repeatedly and made a priority both during his campaign pledges and upon being sworn in as the new Head of State.

The administration’s conviction to the boosting, propping and pepping up of the agricultural sector was thus seen when within its first month in office a major consultative, and in fact an intensive workshop was set up under the auspices of the agricultural ministry to ponder on both short and long term ways of boosting the agricultural production in the country; especially in subsistence farming and associated cash-crops.

The VP noted that priorities in this matter would be given to both financial and acumen skill factors hence reflected in the budget such that the fete may be realized.

The workshop is focused on how the country would be self-sufficient and produce basic agricultural products to feed the people in the country.

“The administration is convicted to seeing to it that the resolutions reached in this consultative workshop be put into effect”, said the VP at the closing ceremony.

He underpinned the fact that the focus on the issue should be underscored such that much weight be put to see it being realized together with collaborations of partnership of line NGOs.

He lamented that tasks of presidential consultancy and advisories have been reduced to jobs of spoon-feeding individuals along nepotism lines.

He pointed that posts and tasks of real advisors are expected to be bestowed upon those who are productive and supplementary as per cue, and not the vice versa.

The Agricultural Development Minister Hon. Ahmed Mumin Seed said that the consultants who participated in the workshop parleyed intensively such that they had to converge late in the evenings to continue pondering over the matter on hand. He admitted that the sector been quite overlooked hence three was little or no production in the country. Majority of the country are pastoralist livestock keepers whose marketing translates to more than 60% of GDP contribution.

“Given that we have a country and a people, we have no reason why we should not prop up and boost our production”, said the minister.

He said that it was as to such that the government saw it imperative to set things straight.

Hon. Seed added that the department will make such consultations on monthly basis.

The resolutions reached to help boost the agricultural sector which was read by one of the participants, Prof. Ahmed Elmi Geedi, had some go as:-

  1. Dissemination of the imperativeness to boost the agricultural sector.
  2. Earmark suitable ecological zones for suitable agricultural farming in every region.
  3. Department to formulate policies and plans for the sector (both short and long term)
  4. All line NGOs to adhere to the outlined policies.
  5. All concerned institutions (NGOs etc) to avail their short term plans for 2018.
  6. Department officials to be seconded to (agricultural) line NGOs.
  7. The agricultural departments should diligently well coordinate and establish good working relations with the farmers and regions and at the same time upgrade offices at all levels.
  8. Constructions of water reservoirs by tapping running water.
  9. Solicit for investments in the sector.

The Ministry’s Director General Mr. Mohammed Elmi Aden said that it was imperative for the sector to be propped up as to attain self-sufficiency.




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