Somaliland:Give The Devil His Due: The President Silanyo Dignified His “Fell-in-Love”-Constituencies with Undue Functionaries


bihi showning A specimen of voters filling form

“Grab all lose all”
By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye
Mr. Silanyo could rid of him long time ago but didn’t and doesn’t want that today. President Silanyo sent a message that Muse Bihi will cling to the Party to scupper any chance of the more qualified candidates from his camp from Sheikh Samale to Yonis Bihi who can challenge him ferociously. Therefore; it is more useful for the president to keep him in the party with no clout to affect change in the system rather freeing him to yell in the Political Dropouts Forum referred to as Golaha Wadatashiga, constitutionally illegal assembly in which the president tolerated to operate and to wage opposition policies against his government alongside with the national parties despite the vulnerability of the system to such unrelenting waves of critiques.
Many Silanyo’s familiar constituents in Hero Awr or Goljanno, staunch Kulmiye fans, whom he knew as the back of his hand claimed that he betrayed when he told them that he included Muse his will to inherit his throne for the next five years but the president unequivocally refuted to have said anything or similar in the past. A canvasser from Gabilay said that Engineer Hashi, Sheikh Samale, and Muse Bihi turned up at the Mansour Hotel, they found Silanyo having delicious breakfast. They immediately went out of the hall smiling “ there is one condition before we agree to ditch long held DGs and secretaries of UDUB ruling government and support you” we told him “what is that? Said Silanyo “to give us 30 percent of total cabinet and we’ll continue to follow you (blindly) forever” it’s done deal” His Excellency President stated and pleas of laughter and warm applause lasted quarter an hour in Mansour Hall. But what went wrong then?
Agabar tribe of North, West or even South of Hargaysa as they like to be called snapped up all heavily budgeted ministries of Finance, Foreign, Education, Commerce, Mayorship of the Capital Hargaysa, press secretariat with the presidential blessing. Their share of ministers outnumbers ministers of Harti and Samaroon of Sool, East Sanaag, margins of Togdheer and Awdal in its entirety combined! This proved Somaliland’s external criticizers’ untenable view that Somaliland is ethnically boxing in as “homeland” only for Issaaqs.
In point in fact, Muse accepted the deal but frowned afterwards when president offered him either to remain in the party or become minister not both at the same time. Using his nous, he took the former with thanks. So don’t believe the ongoing hype.
If this is the case, why Muse Bihi makes fuss now? He and his all-give-me tribe were given everything, more than half dozen ministers and deputies, DGs, all military officers, and two-third of the Chief Customs. Above all, the chairmanship of the party to lecture to others, so what else you guys want? Don’t be oafs. Somaliland is not Hero Awr or Goljanno districts alone. See the world guys.
The thing many people forget is that the politics is not static but art of flexibility, which is why Sultans and others shifted when they saw the rising waves shifted in favor of the government. In addition, the portrayal of Hon. Chairman Muse as chump in the nick of time is simply untrue but presidents sometimes, not often, send their men to the grave or make sacrificial lambs to survive. All seasoned politicians do, thus president never revolutionized the way we handle politics as his disenchanted supporters assert.
However; the president deconstructs his promises, resets his imbalanced cabinet, awakens his delusional grabbers to make the country for all, not letting himself haunts by elections’ hangover. He is the president for all for those who voted for or against him.
By the way, the idea to steal the candidacy from his legitimate possessor—because Muse took chairmanship provided that he forsaken presidential candidacy in the very recent party conference— tickled Muse’s fancy after he realized the president kept his word for him as well as his constituents word by word. “We’ve to ask more (to disturb the stability)” he thought but “grab all lose all”.


  1. Since siilanyo became on power clan deviation came? Why u may ask ! Well its never came b4 him 2 all bast leaders so he most have done some burco style decisions? Never was leaders and will b one! There4 pls let The ROYAL Family do its job? As they did b4 we gave u a chance.?

  2. To the alleged author, the clan hatred you spew in this article does not have any boundries. And that is what Burao has given to Somalialnd. Or your side of Burao i should say.
    we were united under Honourable Riyale and Siilaayo came and ruled like he did at all times.
    what is even worse is the most unqualified minister (aviation) has two canadian kids writing his English as he is unable to put two words together.

    The other minister, the most corrupt individual has lead to the divisions of his ministry which was headed by Qaasim (A.H.N, dies during hajj).

    And do not start me on Hersi.

    So all in all, he let his clan choose the three source of income for the country and lead to the biggest division since the birth of the country.

  3. The conflict within Kulmiye and its efter shock cofirms one thing that has cofounded me in Somali and Somaliland politics. The struggle is not about ideology or vision but Power. This phenomenon has been the curse of African politics. Nobody whether it is Silanyo or Muse Bixi has defined his short and longterm vision for Somaliland. Can anybody enlighten me. What do they stand for. The Somaliland elite so faar has proven to me that they are for sale and lack any moral character. Today he/she is a member of udub, tomorrow Wadani, the next day UCID. Somaliland people deserve what they get and should not and cannot blame anyone fpr the state affair in the country. The elders have also lost the moral high grund which was the Foundation on which the Somaliland nation is built on. They have been corrupted like the Elder in the South. The diaspora is part of the problem, particularly the eduxated or semi educated elite in diaspora, who are active In Somaliland politics. They are an integral part in sustaining and stregthening clan politics, it is in their interest, because many of the incompetent and unable or cannot curve a career in diaspora. They only chance they have to make a career is in Somaliland or Somalia. In fact, I feel sorry for my country of origin, until we as a nation chose people in leading position with fortitude, character and competence we will be today or tomorrow a banana republic and playground for incompetent people and the poor people f Somaliland the loosers.


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